How Sport Funding Can Help Athletes to Excel

Something exciting is happening all over the world as people use the internet to reach out for financial help. Perhaps you or someone you care about has experienced an emergency, catastrophic event, or illness. Maybe you are trying to fund a startup. Often people raise money for less dire circumstances but for reasons they find compelling.

For example, a 93-year-old WWII vet began looking for a lost love. Our hero had fallen in love with a woman 70 years ago. With his son’s help, they located and connected with her. Now the two men are using crowdfunding to raising money so the lovers can reunite in person.

Some funding campaigns help important inventions into the market. The Scandu Scout reads a user’s vital signs when help to the forehead. The device then passes that information off to your smartphone. The designers used crowdfunding to raise money to help get the word out. They raised over a $1 million, sped up the FDA approval process and had $14 million in venture capital offered to them.

Kimberley Murray - crowdfunded athlete
Kimberley Murray, UK Skeleton athlete, get her training funded via PledgeSports (link)

Sport Funding and Athletes

One theme that is becoming popular is helping athletes to reach their full potential by raising money for them. Crowdfunding is a way to help people. Sport funding applies the same concept and techniques so you can support your favorite athlete.

For example, the members of one community wanted to help their student athletes achieve and maintain a minimum 2.0-grade point average. Coaches, teachers, and parents worked together to come up with fundraiser ideas. They considered traditional methods like a bake sale or car wash but weren’t sure they would raise enough.

They decided to create a sport funding campaign. Their idea was to raise money for tutors, programs, and whatever else they needed to support their kids.

Maybe you’re an athlete. Sport funding can provide a path for you to raise some money. As an aspiring world-class athlete, you must train hard, and training takes time. Sports funding can help find the time you need by allowing you to cut back on work hours.

American football

Athletes in many sports gain an advantage by using state of the art equipment. Inferior tools because of a lack of funding result in a significant disadvantage.

Entrance fees for top rated tournaments are often high. Sports funding provides a path for equal opportunity. Equality allows talent from all walks of life to compete and rise to the top, not just the wealthy.

Every sports fan is aware of the financial difficulty amateur athlete’s face maintaining their amateur status. They are forced to compete against peers from other countries who are professional in every way but name.


In 2014, CNBC shed light on the ordeal amateur athletes endure training and trying to pay bills at the same time. You now have a way to support your favorite competitor financially whether they are a fledgling rookie or a journeyman.