When Would an Offsite Bookkeeper be Right for Your Business?

Confidential, efficient bookkeeping is an essential part of any company – small or large. A well-organised accounting system can help all other processes within an organisation to run smoothly. For these reasons, sometimes an offsite bookkeeper can prove more time-effective or appropriate than one who is on site.

If you are unsure about whether or not an offsite bookkeeper would be right for your business, please read on to find out more about some of the features and benefits of offsite bookkeeping.

Offsite bookkeeper on the job

Reliable Bookkeeping – Rain or Shine!

Sometimes, for one reason or another, onsite staff are unable to make it to work or find themselves blocked from completing their assigned tasks on time. Having an offsite bookkeeper means that your account management reports and other relevant requirements will be completed on time, every time. Many offsite bookkeepers are also part of an organisation such as the Australian Bookkeepers Network, which means that they are informed, well-versed in managing many cases and clients, and can receive help from other similarly skilled individuals within the network.

Security and Confidentiality

No matter how secure you think your files may be at work, there is always the chance that private financial information could fall into the wrong hands. Security is paramount, as is confidentiality, particularly when it comes to the finances of individual employees. By using offsite bookkeeping, your data will be safe in offsite storage and your payroll will always be on time and remain completely confidential.


Most offsite bookkeepers communicate with their clients and trade files through an online portal. This means that clients and bookkeepers alike can access their files first thing in the morning or in the dead of night, should they choose to do so, without needing to be in the office.

Offsite business accounting and bookkeeping

If your business often requires urgent access to financial information or other information that your onsite bookkeeper would manage, offsite secure storage and management may prove useful for accessing completed tasks at any time of day.

More Space!

While certainly not the only features of managing your bookkeeping offsite, the final benefit in this list is the very real, tangible additional space in the office. This means you can hire other much-needed staff or simply enjoy the additional room offered by not having another employee taking up the space.

For those who prefer as small of an onsite work team as possible and minimal crowding, this may be an attractive prospect.


How you like your small business to run is a very personal choice, as every company is different and requires different features to run smoothly. In some cases, an onsite bookkeeper is preferred and the extra face in the office every day is a pleasure and not a source of overcrowding. However, if you could use extra space in your office or are just starting up and need a reliable staff member from the get-go who requires no training, an offsite bookkeeper may be the way to go.