A logo helps a business, website or blog identify itself from other competitors. It’s not a secret that a logo is a face of a company or a project.

People often notice your logo independently of its placement, would it be placed on your package or on your site. Good logos are easily identifiable and memorable.

Apple Store, Fifth Avenue
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The importance of logo in business

There are a lot of reasons, why you should create your own logo. It’s not the element, that will make your business profitable, but it’s really better to have a logo even if you are just starting your business. Usually, an average businessman starting his business doesn’t want to spend a lot of money for corporate identity and logo. The best way is to count the resources you can spend on it and estimate previously, how much time and money you can provide for such goal.

Logo matters more than you think. Eugene Kasinskyy, the Co-founder of Logaster, says “Logo matters because it represents your business wherever it’s displayed – on a website, letterhead, billboard or any other media, printed or digital.”

David Ceradini, whose firm Ceradini Brand Design in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, has worked with Heineken, Unilever and Procter & Gamble, told IBTimes “If it’s done well, we as consumers will transfer our feelings and associations about the product or the company onto logo; it’s just a vessel that holds all the associations that we have about the company”.

“A company’s logo is its shorthand, a visual cue that tells a story of the brand’s culture, behavior, and values,” said Su Mathews Hale, a senior partner at the New York brand-strategy and design firm Lippincott. Because a logo may only have a second to tell this story, creating one “can sometimes be difficult aspect of branding,” she said.

Starbucks rebranding
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Eugene Kasinskyy also offers six more reasons why logo is important and what benefits it gives to you:

1. Competition and Branding

Logo is one of the basic elements of branding and in part marketing. Some businesses create a logo to simply fill the empty space on the business cards. Others, however, are serious about building a brand strategy and strive to create a strong brand. Taking into consideration increasing competition and providing a large number of similar goods and services, it is highly necessary to think about every step of branding.

2. Corporate Identity Begins from Logo

If you have a logo, it will be easier to create a corporate identity, which begins with a logo. This allows you to create business cards, envelopes, letterhead. Logo can be placed on promotional materials and stationery, packaging, signboard. Beautiful design always shows that you care about your business, website or blog.

3. Your logo helps your business to be more memorable

More people really remember better what they see, than what they hear. Visual memory works better than auditory. Well-combined icon, font and colours will remain in memory for long time. Awareness and familiarity are principal in growing your business, and your logo is the instrument for realization of such task.

4. A Logo, as Part of Internet Marketing

If you are up to date with technological advances, the future of the Internet marketing is more and more about creating groups in social networks, email-correspondence with clients and possibly Landing pages. It is worth noting that in this case it is very useful to have a logo that is desirable to put on the website or in the signature of your e-mail. Also, it is useful to create the favicon (small icon in a browser tab on the left in front of its domain) based on your logo. A visitor bookmarking your site will see the favicon among the bookmarks he/she prefer to return, it will engrave your logo in visitor’s mind.

5. Kind of looking “bigger” and more established

Your business will look more completed, if you have an ample business package that includes promo materials. Having a logo your company will be associated with security and financial stability. Logo endear clients.

6. Shows your commitment

Having a logo demonstrates that you are proud of making such business and you can show that you are reputable among your competitors.

Logaster logo examples
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How to create a logo quickly – and easily

Maybe creating a logo sounds difficult at first, but it doesn’t have to be that way. There are logo creators available online that you can use to create a logo quickly, easily, and affordably, especially when your time and budget are limited. That said, choosing a quality logo maker is your important first step.

When asked about Logaster’s logos demand, Kasinskyy says, “Logaster helps people to deal their problem to get their logo and corporate identity quickly and easily. A lot of startup businessmen really need good logo for a reasonable price, it is defined with the number of satisfied clients and is proved with thousands of users sending in their positive testimonials.”

He further explains, “Perhaps our biggest strength come in the form of powerful yet simple to use logo creation platform. Creating a logo with our platform Logaster will only take you about 10 to 15 minutes. All you need to do is to enter your company, project or brand name; select the icon, font and colours you like; save and download your logo in popular format, and in hi-res. That’s all.”

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One important thing to remember (when creating a logo) is that you are creating it for your customers, not just for you and your company. Brands like Apple have profound effect on customers, in such a way that they are willing to brand their fashion or vehicle with Apple brands.

Therefore, before creating a logo you should analyze your competitors to create such logo that will stand out and attract people’s attention. Not only that, you should also analyze your target audience and its preferences.

So, take care about your clients and business branding that includes your logo to show your clients that you do proud of what you do and invest your time, money and efforts in it.