Reasons Why Magento eCommerce Benefits Startups Greatly

ECommerce is the game changer, allowing businesses to benefits from the available technology to make a buyer shop online at ease. It was the technology that gives certain businesses an edge. Indeed, the big fish was ruling the market, and the small fish are yet to take over the marketplace.

Fortunately, there are new eCommerce platforms that level the playing field, allowing businesses of any sizes to benefit from the platforms. Magento eCommerce is the preferred platform among the rest that offer a responsive website solution to all the start-ups.

Magento on a smartphone

Why Magento eCommerce?

Magento is arguably the best eCommerce platform. Let’s find out more to understand the benefits and features of the platform.


  1. Flexible and scalable: Every business demands a flexible tool that will scale up the performance of the website and make the delivery foundation strong. It is a combination of advanced search, product comparison, email options, content management, and reporting structure with layered navigation which makes the foundation strong and excels in service providing to customers. Simple structure and a wide range of extensions make web store more scalable.
  1. Components & features: it is a feature rich platform that provides inevitable support depending upon the need of the business and the budget. With the multiple choices and options for making buying simple. Features such as analytics, product browsing, site management, shipping, and checkout make it more reliable product with the unique features as desired by business.
  1. Order & store management: It is the finest feature which offers hassle free receiving of orders. Administration panel can see, create and fulfil orders it can also raise the invoice, credit memos and shipments multiple time. Managing multiple stores was complicated earlier, and now it is easy with the setup of cataloguing tools.
  1. SEO & marketing tools: SEO feature facilitates better eCommerce site, Page traffic, duplicate content, indexing are efficiently managed by this. It has various tools and technologies to market the business. Private Sales, Catalog Promotional Pricing, Flexible Coupons are among these tools.
  1. A wide range of extensions: It provides a large list of extension which adds value this includes gift card extension-to increase sales, reward points extension- maintain loyal customer, affiliate extension-create brand awareness, social login extension- speedup process of buying, checkout out extension- no waiting time.

Moreover, it has also proven its efficiency aligned with Google search engine. It helps in tracking the traffic, uploading content and placing customer orders. As a result, industry can come up with best approach to attract more of their potential audience. Start-ups are switching to the Magento eCommerce platform for a better result by shaking hands with web and marketing service providers like WSI Digital Web.

Magento website


  1. It is an open source: Open source means that you can tap on some of the best developers’ skills to help you in customizing your business website.
  2. It has more than 50 payment gateways: Customers love options, especially when it comes to making online payment; Magento answers by offering you just that – 50 payment gateways you and your customers can choose from.
  3. It’s developer-friendly: The core coding is integrated with third coding, and both are clearly defined in Magento platform which makes it more developer friendly.
  4. It can deal with a large amount of traffic and listing: Magento can deal with a surge of traffic, as well as a large number of product listings easily.
  5. It’s highly customisable: All Magento-powered sites are highly customisable. You should use add-on and other plugins to include while developing websites.

You can find more features in detail here.


Of course, Magento isn’t the only eCommerce platform – there are other similar platforms, like PrestaShop, OpenCart, and other platforms. However, Magento excels in term of overall performance, especially the platform’s ability to deal with a large amount of traffic and product listings.

It’s all coming back to your needs, really.  You may want to consult with a web developer and see whether Magento is the best solution for you.