Stop Damaging your Bottom Line with Missed Leads!

Missed Calls? Missed Sales, Missed Profit!

Did your business reach its full potential last year? Did you successfully answer every incoming sales call to your company?

Or are you missing calls coming into your business? In turn, does this mean you missed out on potential sales last month? This could be the big profit you missed out on last month.

Unhappy caller

So, are there any solutions to minimize all the missing leads? Fortunately, there are.  Read on.

Reveal your hidden profits

A bespoke telephone system can fix all this for you. Not only are you able to monitor and record all ingoing and outgoing calls for your business – they are also designed to keep callers on the line for longer, meaning your sales potential increases.

Call management solutions track and measure every that is made to and from your business. You can see a real-time breakdown of statistics for your calls throughout the day which you can use to manage your staff performance.

Identify patterns as they appear

Identifying key trends can be make or break for some businesses which is why it is important to have a proper structure in place. For example, it can help you identify that your business receive the highest amount of calls at a certain point of the deal – this is where you may reorganise the team so that you have the sufficient quantity and quality of your staff to handle to calls at that specific time.

Customer service officer

You certainly wouldn’t want those potential sales calls to go unanswered. At the same time, your system may help you identify the quietest times of the weeks in which you may consider limiting the number of staff on the premises at that time.

By recording and reporting such statistics helps a business to maximise their sales opportunities. It is important for any business; small, medium or large that they reach their maximum sales potential and waste as few opportunities as possible.

Likewise, if you have to put a caller on hold, it is important that they are not kept silent during their wait. This can be fixed by having either music or a message playing whilst they are on hold. All good business telecoms companies offer this service, or also supplying them with advertising on hold.


Callers hanging up so quickly would mean further missed sales opportunities, so it’s important to get this sorted out for your business.

So, how about you? Are you dealing with missed leads from time to time? Have you found a solution to fix this issue? How does it go? Please share with us!