Is Your Unique Version of the Daily Grind Killing Your Soul?

The grind. We’ve all been taught since birth that the grind is what gets us ahead in life. But, if we’re not happy, we all need to take a step back now and again and reassess if all that “grinding” we’re doing is actually fulfilling us in any appreciable way.

Are you truly content in life?

Happy where you find yourself situated – financially, spiritually, etc.?

When the answer to the questions above is NO, it’s important to realize that unhappiness usually comes down to how far our comfort levels stretch. A wide net allows us to go where we’ve never been, do things we’ve never done.

Those who have little tolerance for changing things up often feel like they’re stuck in a constant state of spiritual limbo between where they are and where they want to go. You want to take the plunge, but that little voice in your head keeps forcefully telling you it simply cannot be done without risking everything you hold dear currently.

Daily Grind

The Big Quandary to Overcome

Every time we make a switch in our life externally, that switch is so often preceded and followed by a sense of both excitement and overpowering worry of the unknown that lies ahead.

Taking your life and business to the next level can seem like a staggering feat when a shift is made, but that’s a far better alternative to sitting in a chair years from now dealing with a different set of “what ifs.” Those which plague us when a big shift is spiritually necessary to bring a sense of completion back to our lives.

The good news is that within a few months of determined effort, you should find yourself on more of an even keel and enjoying life. As a motivated individual and as time progresses, you will be ready to take on the next leap to learn more.

The future is a blank canvas, paint your vision today.

The key to spiritual fulfillment and business success

You need to know yourself really well. Understand what has normally held you back in the past, and have a firm grasp on reality when it comes to how well you actually deal with stress.

From the moment you start planning your changes, to the moment you begin to execute them, stress is sure to be right there on the surface. You have to know how to deal with it and being honest with yourself going in is the only way to do that.

Image Credit: Ivana Vasilj/Flickr

Is change really necessary?

Only you know the answer to this question. However, if you’re like most, the answer is most likely “YES”. Just like only one-percent of the population can be considered rich in wealth, the same can be said for those who’re rich in spirit and personal and professional satisfaction.

  • Do you find you’re constantly bored doing what you’re doing currently? If so, will a shift in the direction of your life and/or business help cure that boredom?

  • Are you constantly dreaming of a life that isn’t currently yours?

  • Does the thought of change create more excitement inside than the thought of getting up and doing whatever you would normally do?

  • Can you truly commit to doing whatever it takes to enact the changes needed in your life?

  • What external factors such as family and professional obligations might get in your way when you decide to push forward? How can you overcome them?

  • What talents do you have now, perhaps that you haven’t used in a while, that can help make the changes you want?

These are just a few of the questions you need to ask yourself before pushing forward and changing the direction your personal and professional life is going.

Whatever you decide to do, remember that the “what ifs” of today are much easier to digest than the what ifs of tomorrow because you chose to let your dreams fall by the wayside because you kept grinding away at the things in life you knew would never make you happy.

Main Image Credit: Robert/Flickr