Top Tips for Keeping Your Business Premise Pest Free This Winter

The winter can be a really exciting time for lots of different reasons. There are parties, gifts, and revelry, as well as fireworks and quality time with colleagues, friends and family. Yet, winter can also be a rather trying time of the year. The weather is tough on homes and business premises alike, and cold winds, cracked tiles, and uninvited pests can all make an appearance.

Pests are an especially big problem during the winter, because they’re looking for somewhere warm to stay, just like we are. Unfortunately, there’s not enough room at the inn for everybody and guests with more than two legs are definitely bottom of the list. This is why a number for commercial pest control should be on your speed dial.

Commercial pest control worker spraying pesticide on office window corner

If you find evidence of pests in your business premise, you need to call in the experts. When it comes to prevention, however, there are a few handy hints and tricks that you (or one of your employees) can try on your own.

1. Keep the Garden Tidy

Gardens are nice additions to business premises, especially office spaces. Unfortunately, they come at a price – e.g. garden maintenance costs and efforts. Termites are particularly problematic, because they chew through the wooden components of a home and that includes any structural foundations. You can reduce the chance of this happening, by keeping the perimeter of the property clear of detritus.

If you have a brick business premise, you’ll notice that there are small gaps around the base. These are an important part of ventilation and need to be kept clear at all times.

2. Handle Food Waste Correctly

One of the most common causes of pests (particularly rodents) is discarded food waste. Office snacks are nice, but if you don’t put your waste in a study bin, with a lid, mice and rats will show up to take advantage of the free feast. They may then decide to hang around and find a way into your office space, so don’t give them a reason to be there in the first place. Never leave loose food waste sat next to or around an outside bin.

3. Clean Recyclable Rubbish

The same rules apply for any recyclable waste that you place outside in a special bin or container. Leaving food residue in cartons, tins, and tubs is not only pretty inconsiderate to the people who have to turn up and collect it, the smell will attract vermin. If you recycle, it takes seconds to rinse out pots before you throw them in the collection box and it will keep rats and mice away.

Mouse is office pest, not pet

4. Deep Clean Bi-Annually

The more dirt, mess, and clutter that accumulates around the business premise, the easier it is for pests to hide there. Termites are especially attracted to clutter, because they feed on materials like wood, card, and paper. You can stop this from happening by having a deep clean, twice a year. Washing sheets, sofa covers, and mattresses if your business premise ever have one will also eliminate bed bugs and allergens.

5. Invest in Scheduled Inspections

The single best way to keep any business premise free of pests is to have it inspects, on an annual basis, by a specialist team. This will make sure that any awkward spots and tough to reach areas don’t go unchecked. Plus, if even subtle signs of a potential problem are found, a pest team can carry out a treatment and eliminate the element of doubt altogether. The good news is that yearly inspects are easy to arrange and more affordable than ever before.

Why Pest Prevention Equals Peace of Mind

For many business owners, it can be tempting to take a ‘not now’ attitude to pest prevention. Unfortunately, this is something that the pests themselves are not willing to do. They don’t really care if you’re having a busy month or would rather focus on planning your next Christmas party; they’ll show up either way.

So, don’t make it easy for uninvited guests to ruin your winter. Put effective pest control measures in place now and give yourself some peace of mind.