Investment Opportunities in The Beauty Industry

The beauty industry is an ever expanding sector and its growth is inspiring from many perspectives. Business-wise, choosing to invest in the beauty industry means choosing an industry that won’t suffer even through negative economic spells.

A rock-solid base of dedicated customers means targeted investments in up-and-coming beauty startups are very wise choice. With major multinationals operating in this field following strategies based on acquisitions and mergers, a relatively successful beauty brand could easily become the target for a bigger company ready to buy.

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Thanks to exit strategies easier to develop than elsewhere, beauty brands have started to catch the attention of angel investors and bigger funds alike. Are you feeling like joining them already? Here are 3 of today’s most promising startups in the beauty industry.


Fur homepage

We are all getting used to technologic means to remove everything from your body, from hair to tattoos, yet even in the beauty industry there is still room for nourishing your body – or parts of it. The unusual bit this time is that beauty startup, Fur, focuses solely on natural products for pubic hair. This is indeed a very niche segment and Fur has virtually no competitors in this market.

With products selling for around $40 and margins as high as they usually are in this industry, Fur is one of those brand that start off by building a special relationship with their customers and eventually catch the eye of bigger corporations – a win-win situation for potential investors!


Nailvy homepage

Nailvy is a brand that’s very much in line with the latest trends of customization that have been made possible by the internet. The powerful concept allows customers to get creative with nail decals. All you have to do is upload the image of your choice and receive the customised decals for that special occasion.

Celebrating the creativity of its own customers, Nailvy has already caught the eye of specialised publications such as Fashion Magazine. This relatively new website is relying mainly on US-based customers and holds huge room for international growth.


Vensette homepage

Customised experiences are all the rage in today’s startup industry. Vensette is making the most of the trend and offers very unique sessions for style-conscious customers. Through the Vensette app you can choose the specific hair and makeup style you’re after, and then you will be able book a slot with some of the finest hair and makeup artists in the area.

Among the revolutionary elements, are the fact that makeup artists are available 24/7 and that each service can be completed in less than 45 minutes. Prices vary between $100 and $300, and the endorsements from a number of celebrities are likely to propel Vensette among the top names of the beauty tech industry.


As you can see, there are many opportunities in the beauty industry available for you to turn into a successful startup. Your next step would be to discover a niche in the beauty market and understand what your local market really wants. Turn your intelligence reports into a solid business plan and, the most important step of all, execute it flawlessly.