Global Glamour: 5 Beauty and Fashion Trends From Around the World

In today’s day and age, trends know no borders: from the bustling streets of Tokyo to the chic boulevards of Paris, cultural influences are meant to be shared and appreciated worldwide.

In this editorial, we’ll uncover the top five different fashion and beauty trends that are making waves globally, captivating hearts and wardrobes alike.

Glass skin beauty trend

Glass Skin, South Korea

South Korea has long been a trendsetter in the realm of beauty, being especially well-known for its amazing skincare products that took the world by storm. Characterized by its emphasis on flawless, luminous skin, K-Beauty rituals prioritize hydration, gentle exfoliation, and layering lightweight products, resulting in the iconic ‘glass skin’.

From the iconic 10-step skincare routine to innovative sheet masks infused with natural nourishing essences like the snail mucin and collagen, this trend is a must for those who love to pamper themselves and aim for a better-looking skin.

Sustainable Fashion, Scandinavia

In Scandinavia, sustainability isn’t just a trend – it’s a way of life that has its effect on every aspect of one’s life, including fashion. The Nordic nations of Scandinavia have become synonymous with minimalist elegance and eco-consciousness, which resulted in the creation of sustainable fashion, a movement that seeks to minimize environmental impact while maximizing style.

Here we’re talking about natural, ethically sourced fabrics, recycled materials, sleek timeless designs, and versatile basics that transcend age, gender, and seasons.

Irish Sweaters, Ireland

The chilly, humid, and unpredictable climate of the Emerald Isle is responsible for one of the most renowned and highly-appreciated garments ever, the Irish sweater. Despite it being only a hundred years old, this type of jumper has already made history and became a staple in everyone’s wardrobe.

The subtle, elegant design that features ancient Celtic motifs and more modern Aran patterns creates the perfect sweater for a fancy outing, while the soft and resistant merino wool makes it an excellent option for daily wear too. Moreover, unlike a century ago, these days you can find Irish sweaters is a variety of designs, colors, and patterns, so you won’t have to travel all the way to Ireland for this amazing garment.

Street Style, Japan

Japan is a completely unique country that virtuously combines tradition with innovation, serving as a vibrant playground for fashionistas and trendsetters alike. The streets of Tokyo are particularly beloved among fashion-forward people who use them as a runway for self-expression in the middle of an otherwise pretty conservative society.

Influenced by anime, music subcultures, and high fashion, the Japanese street style fashion represents a fearless mix and match of bright colors and aesthetics, celebrating individuality in all its forms.

Tropical glam couple

Tropical Glam, Brazil

In Brazil, the trend of ‘tropical glam’ is taking the fashion world by storm. Inspired by the lush landscapes and vibrant culture of the Amazon rainforest, this trend combines bold, tropical prints with luxurious fabrics and glamorous silhouettes.

Flowing maxi dresses adorned with exotic floral patterns, statement accessories crafted from natural materials like bamboo and raffia, vibrant colors that evoke the spirit of Carnival –  all of these are indispensable elements of this trend, celebrating the cultural heritage and the natural beauties of the country.