14 Fashion Hacks You Don’t Want to Miss

14 Fashion Hacks You Don’t Want to Miss

No matter where you live or what your lifestyle is, at some point, you are bound to experience what we call #fashiongirlproblems. These problems can be something small, like a stain on your favorite shoes, or something as major as a tear in your new silk dress.

Fashion-related problems can be annoying and expensive. Not to mention, most of the time, instead of tackling the problem, we will stuff that item of clothing away to be forgotten.

Fashion hacks

But we don’t have to! There are actually quite a few fashion hacks that can save time, money, and frustration. No more sending that shirt to the back of the closet. Read on to find out the fashion hacks you don’t want to miss from the curators at BlackMerch.co.

14 Fashion Hacks You Don’t Want to Miss

Have you ever had a frustrating moment when you just didn’t know how to navigate a sticky fashion situation? So have we! But over time (and research) we have learned some hacks that can help alleviate the stress of these moments. Take a look!

  1. Need to iron a shirt or jacket collar? Use a hair straightener instead of a clothing iron.
  2. Is the zipper on your favorite jacket stuck? Rub the zipper teeth with the tip of a graphite pencil.
  3. For pesky deodorant stains on your favorite blouse or jacket, rub them with a pair of denim. The denim quickly breaks up clumps. Just make sure you do a test patch in case the color transfers.
  4. It’s summertime, which means sweating, and unfortunately for some of us that means sweat stains on our shirts. The good news is that spraying sweat stains with lemon juice before washing the item can remove the yellowing and freshen the fabric.
  5. To waterproof your favorite canvas shoes, rub them with beeswax. Use a blow dryer to gently heat up the wax and set it.
  6. Have suede shoes with a stain you just can’t get rid of? Use a piece of stale bread crust (yes, it works!). Gently rub the stain with the stale bread and it will be gone before you know it.
  7. We all love our patent shoes, but over time they get scuffed and dull. But you can restore the shine using Windex! Gently wipe a Windex-soaked cloth over your shoes to bring back the shine.

Well-maintained fashion shoes

  1. Enjoy red wine but hate stains? Use white wine to remove them! Use a clean cloth soaked in white wine to blot out red wine stains.
  2. If you have the cleaning product Fantastik in your home, you can use it for more than cleaning your counters. Fantastik actually works great for cleaning diamonds, gold, and other jewelry.
  3. If you have mohair or angora sweaters, you may notice that they shed and lose their coziness over time. To nip this problem in the bud, put your sweater in a freezer bag and freeze it for three hours.
  4. Worried about runs or tears in your favorite tights or pantyhose? Spray them with hairspray. This helps strengthen the nylon and prevent those pesky runs.
  5. We all love the feel and comfort of a vintage or well-worn t-shirt. Now, you can get that feeling with any t-shirt. Just place the shirt in salt water for three days, then wash it normally. Combine 1 quart of water and ½ cup of salt.
  6. Have you ever noticed how vintage or second-hand clothes often have lingering smells? To get rid of those smells and freshen up the fabric, spritz a mixture of two parts water and one part vodka.
  7. For new shoes that aren’t quite comfortable enough for everyday wear, try breaking them in with a hair dryer. Put on a pair of socks, then the shoes. Then use a hair dryer on your feet to heat up the material and start shaping them to your feet.

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The next time you have a fashion emergency or frustration, remember these hacks. There’s no reason to let your favorite fashion items go to waste.

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