Switch your Home up After Spring Cleaning

On top of the fun outdoor activities and the lovely sunny days, spring is a great season for cleaning. This season comes with the popular tradition of spring cleaning – a true ritual to refresh our homes and minds.

But why stop at just tidying up? After you’ve banished dust bunnies and decluttered closets, consider taking it a step further by giving your home a little makeover.

Home decor
photo credit: Ron Lach / Pexels

If you want to switch it up a bit when it comes to home decor, spring cleaning gives you a good opportunity. And this article is here to help you out. Read along and get ready for a great makeover experience.

Revamp the Layout

After a thorough cleaning session, take a fresh look at your home’s layout and consider rearranging your furniture. This is an easy and very cheap way to give your home a makeover.

Experiment with different configurations to optimize space, enhance flow, and create new main focuses. You might be surprised at how a simple rearrangement can give any room a fresh look and feel.

Try moving that bulky armchair to a cozy reading nook by the window or swapping the positions of your sofa and coffee table to open up the space. This gives you a good time to make the space more efficient or to apply some interior design rules for making the space seem bigger.


Another easy way to make your home feel brand new is by adding some color, texture and some new small decor pieces. Incorporating accents in cheerful shades like pastel blues, soft greens, and sunny yellows will get your home ready for the beautiful days of spring and summer. Do this through accent pillows, throws, artwork, and floral arrangements.

Consider new elements of wall art as well. Cultural prints such as the ones here: https://www.gaelsong.com/prod_detail_list/decor-celtic-art will add some conversation starters to your home decor. By adding such pieces to your house, you infuse it with positivity and meaningful elements in an effortless way.


Bring the Outdoors in

Celebrate the beauty of nature by bringing bits of it inside your home. Fill your space with fresh flowers, potted plants, and botanical prints to make your home feel more lively and green.

Consider creating a dedicated indoor garden or herb corner where you can experience home gardening, as it is very popular all over social media now. Adding plants to your home will purify the air and uplift your mood, and also add a touch of peace and harmony to any room.

Choose the plants according to your abilities to keep them alive. If you know you won’t have enough time for them, go for low maintenance plants or even plastic ones for a touch of green.