5 Proved Methods of Attracting Traffic

If you ever had a task of keeping a company website afloat, you’ve probably asked yourself (and Google, for that matter): how are you supposed to attract more visitors and, preferably, persuade them to buy something? Of course, there are no surefire approaches to this problem – but at the very least, there is a number of methods that have proved their effectiveness and keep bringing results even in the changing SEO playfield. Here are some of them.

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1. Give Something Valuable for Free

People like freebies. Always did and always will. Therefore, a very viable method of attracting people to your website, making them interested in you and what you do and, possibly, turning them into clients and returning visitors is to give them something they perceive as valuable without making them pay for it.

It may be anything from a coupon for signing up with you, to a fragment of your e-book, to a YouTube channel with advice concerning your chosen industry. If they perceive your website as a source of useful free things, they will flock to it.

2. Guest Posting

Guest blogging is one of the most cost-effective ways to grow traffic, get in front of new audiences, and improve your search engine ranking. It utilizes content – the most important thing in today’s Internet.

A few years ago guest posting was gaining a lot of bad cred due to its results being mostly mechanical – people used it to gain more backlinks without bothering about the quality of posts per se – but since then Google went hard on that practice, and today’s guest posting is all about quality over quantity. Just make sure you find reliable guest posting company, and everything will be alright.

3. Utilize Social Media

Social media are not just for people inanely tweeting about what kind of food they are eating right now. They are for getting your content in front of new audiences, attracting visitors, running advertising campaigns.

Make sure you have accounts in Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Instagram and/or some other, less well-known time-eating behemoths. If people spend so much time in them, they can certainly use some of this time stumbling upon your content.

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4. Update Regularly

Nothing serves as a greater turn-off for visitors than a website that obviously wasn’t updated in half a year. If you want to create a trustworthy image, start a blog and make sure you update it regularly. Experiment with different frequency of posts to decide upon something that will be both comfortable for you and will create the sense of a living website that doesn’t hibernate for a month after every update.

5. Don’t Be Annoying

Primarily it means that you shouldn’t always be obviously trying to sell something – even if you desperately want to do so. People want to believe they make their own decisions, which means that you should act with a little bit of finesse and give them a break from selling pitch from time to time.

Attracting new visitors and managing the old ones is one of the most difficult tasks facing a webmaster – but we hope that these tips will make it a little bit easier.