6 Reasons Why App Landing Page is a Must Have Requirement

6 Reasons Why App Landing Page is a Must Have Requirement

“This statistic contains data on the number of apps available for download in leading app stores as of June 2016. As of that month, Android users were able to choose between 2.2 million apps. Apple’s App Store remained the second-largest app store with 2 million available apps.” reports The Statistics Portal.

The statistic above is a testimony of the existing competition in the app market. So, if you have already launched your app or in the brim of launching one, make sure to secure ways that will help your program stand out in the competition.

In fact, in most cases, marketing for an app starts long before it’s launch. Web-marketing gurus will come up with a host of marketing strategies for the promotion and branding of the app. However, they too advocate the necessity of having an app landing page for your app.

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So why an app landing page?

There are a host of reasons that have steadily fueled the need of developing a landing page for an app. Moreover, creating a webpage for an app is hardly any trouble but the results it produces are hard to ignore.

Here are some of the benefits of having an app landing page.

1. Helps in generating some money

Why do you develop an app? Well, an app develops from a unique idea that has the power to smoothen down its user’s life and in return the developers can earn a mullah out of it. Money, thus, is an important motivator for investing in mobile apps.

So, as a developer, it is important to devote its investments in areas that offer high investment returns. An app landing page is seen to have a considerable impact on the ROI (return on investment) of an app, which is a reason enough to develop an app landing page of your own.

2. A powerful marketing tool

An app landing page acts as a primary platform for the promotion of an app. It offers a perfect stage for an app to display its functionalities, utilities and developers to prospective users, thus, educating them of its presence.

An app landing page acts as a permanent brochure in the online world, which embeds stability and authenticity of the product. A well-designed app page has all the information regarding an app offering a perfect web presence which again contributes in better marketing of the product.

GateGuru app landing page screenshot
example: GateGuru app landing page (http://www.gateguru.com/)

3. An optimization tool

If you wish to see your app among the top-grossing apps, aim to conquer the internet. With the majority of the world operating over the internet, the web presence of a product is fundamental in establishing it as a brand.

To establish a powerful web presence it’s important to chalk out a full-proof online optimization strategy. Be it for your startup or the app you are launching, a website is a basic requirement in the online optimization process. There are justified reasons that resonate with this fact.

In addition, there are many search engine optimized strategies that need to be implemented to make sure the app website achieves considerable visibility and traffic. The basic steps for optimization are as follows –

  • An SEO-optimized web page – As discussed earlier, creating a web page for your app is most important. You can opt for either an individual domain page or subdomain page.
  • On-page optimization – There are a number of on-page optimization techniques that experts incorporate in a web page for proper optimization of the page over the internet.

In other words, a well optimized and designed app landing page can do wonders for your product and is essential for the app’s success.

4. A hub for information

An app landing page not only acts as a fantastic tool for branding but also provides a perfect platform for developer and customer interface. The information available on a web page helps customers to understand the product while the customer feedbacks are great for developers to understand the market.

Some important elements of a well-structured app web page are –

  • Text – Text or content of a web page is the key to its success. The content should give an in-depth explanation of how the app works and why users should have the app on their phones. Content in an app landing page offers a variety of information about an app and its functionalities.
  • Reviews – Reviews are effective influences for an app to be a success. If you have a reviews section on a landing page, it makes it easier for a visitor to understand the actual effectiveness of your app. In short, reviews do generate sales.
  • Testimonials – Testimonials are a great way of building your brand over the internet. They not only offer positive publicity through the existing customers but add authenticity to the product.
  • Featured Section – A featured section in an app landing page offers published web contents that have carried news of the particular app. It gives an idea as how the market has reacted to the product.
  • Featured videos – Featured videos or short product videos are a great way to explain different features or uses of features to the users. Such videos often offer a solution to commonly faced problems regarding the app or give a crisp overview of the app or its features.
  • Screenshots – Screenshots or pictures of the app is another effective way of increasing user involvement. It always facilitates in better web design of a landing page.
  • News Update – A news update section offers all the latest news and information regarding the app. In addition, this section also offers other interesting news about the app.
  • App Store URL – The landing page carries links of the app in Google Play Store or Apple App Store or Amazon App Store. This helps visitors to discover the app faster and thus, boosts the conversion rate of the app.
  • Feedback or Suggestion Form – A feedback or suggestion form is an effective way to gauge the thoughts and feelings of both existing as well as prospective customers. Such suggestion is often pointers considered by developers to better their products.
Spendee app landing page screenshot
example: Spendee app landing page (http://www.spendeeapp.com/)

5. Social media integration

Social media platforms have risen to be effective marketing mediums and a great way to stay connected with existing as well as new customers. By incorporating social media links in an app landing page, you can expand its customer base.

6. App-Indexing

A landing page of an app, helps better app-indexing of a page. The process of App-indexing contributes to better search results of an app. In short, more people get to know about your app and visit the web page, resulting in better business.

The final comment

In this overcrowded app world, an app can easily get lost. However, an app landing page offers a permanent platform where customers can easily discover and share the app within their network.

Such web pages are a highly effective marketing tool that attract more potential users while keeping the existing users enthralled with updated news and features. A landing page is not a holistic step, but a highly crucial one.

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