5 Ways to Find Your Dream Job

Finding a job in this day and age can be tough. As the economy veers ever further into complete globalisation, people from all over the world can compete for a single position, making the stakes that much higher. Getting a great job requires knowing how to look for one, and then how to go about actually securing it.

Luckily, there are a few methods that always seem to yield results, including the following tried-and-true strategies:

Getting a dream job

1. Write a great resume and cover letter

Resumes are still the first thing that potential employers look at. Simply put, they offer a glimpse into the qualifications of the job applicant at hand as well as a few bits and pieces about his or her personality. That’s why a top-notch resume will shy away from banality and focus on what makes the applicant stand out amongst the crowd. Nowadays, of course, you can find a plethora of resume and cover letter models online and choose the ones that best suit your style.

2. Check job boards

The simplest methods are often the most effective. Start out your job search by scouring the Internet for listings you might be interested in, and then follow through on all potential leads. Place your resume and advertise your skill set as creatively as possible. And always make sure you update your profile weekly in order to avoid getting buried deep into the pile of applicants.

3. Tap into your network

Networking is an oft-underrated aspect of job hunting. Chances are that there are people in your immediate network that could potentially open up a few doors for you, only they haven’t thought of you yet. So make a list of all your acquaintances and start contacting them. Refresh their memories by mentioning the fact that you’re ready for a new challenge and clearly state your terms. Even if nothing comes out of it, at the very least you’ll be strengthening old relationships and making sure people will be keeping you in mind for next time.

4. Attend recruiting events

Recruiting event
photo credit: SNRE / Flickr

Many companies organise events whose sole purpose is to attract talent to their doorstep. From job fairs to alumni gatherings, such events are usually excellent places for meeting new people. Aside from networking, this is also a great way to find out more about specific companies and see which one would best fit you and your personality.

5. Contact headhunters directly

If the normal means of getting a job aren’t cutting it, you should consider approaching headhunting agencies directly. Pay a visit to the top agencies in your area to see if there’s any mutual interest, or feel free to contact headhunters directly through LinkedIn. This popular social media platform is business-oriented, which means that most people won’t mind being contacted directly through it.


As you can see, finding the right job will require an active participation on your part. Even so, it’s tough to gauge exactly how long any particular job hunt might last. Luck definitely plays a part, so it’s important to be patient if things don’t pan out immediately. Keep at it, though, and chances are you’ll find that dream job sooner rather than later.