Telephone Answering Services for Small Businesses: Review

One thing that 95% of small businesses have in common is that they are generally started on a really tight budget. What this inevitably means is that the owner/founder ends up becoming something of a jack of all trades and tries to do all of the different jobs needed to keep that business moving forward. One minute they might be dealing with a customer problem or a sale while the next they could be fixing an IT related issue while 5 minutes later they are answering the phones or attending to the company accounts.

Whilst it seems like a good idea at the outset, trying to do everything might not be the best idea for your small business. If you keep your core tasks close to your chest and outsource the non-core tasks you may find that your business can take on significantly more work and can grow at an accelerated rate.

Telephone answering service

When you use the Virtual Headquarters telephone answering service for small businesses you are able to claw back some of this non-productive time and focus your attention on building sales and growing your new business.

Here are 5 key benefits that you can get by using a telephone answering service like the one provided by

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Keep your eye on the business not on the phones

How many times during the day are you right in the middle of doing something when you have to drop everything to answer the phone. Then, when you pick up that call you find that it is just another telemarketer trying to sell you janitorial services or recycled printer cartridges. With a quality telephone answering service you can get on with business and driving more sales while a professional receptionist answers all of those calls.

When you think about it you have started your small business because you have expertise in a specific area. The money that you can generate by utilising that expertise is likely to be significantly more than the cost of outsourcing to a virtual receptionist service.

It can be really cost effective

When you use an answering service like the one provided by Virtual Headquarters you can start with a package price from just $15 per month (plus the cost of the calls). If you are a reasonable sized small business and expect around 100 calls per month, then you can get our VR100 package for just $125 per month and that includes 100 calls answered. When you compare this cost with the cost of employing your own receptionist it is significantly cheaper to outsource rather than try to do it in-house.

Quick and easy setup

Setting yourself up with a virtual receptionist service from is easy. Firstly, you need to tell us what personalised greeting you would like used when your phone call is answered, you then need to tell us how you would like your messages delivered to you (most answering services will either email or SMS you the message) and which calls you want answered. Once you’ve done all that you can usually get started within minutes.

Turn it on and off whenever you need to

One of the really great things about the phone answering services from Virtual Headquarters is that if you don’t use it very much then you don’t need to pay so much. Rather than being a fixed monthly cost it can be quite variable dependent upon the amount of business that you are doing.

With the system you can also upgrade or downgrade your package at any time using their iPhone or Android apps. What this means is that if you are having an extremely busy month and expect to receive more incoming calls then you can upgrade your package to give yourself a more generous package. The flip side of this is that if your call volume has dropped off and you don’t expect to be using your current package then you can scale back your package to suit your particular circumstances.

Virtual assistant

No need to schedule holiday or sick coverage

A professional receptionist service will have several staff who are allocated to answering your calls. What this means is that there will always be someone available to take those incoming calls. You don’t have to worry about how you are going to cover for your receptionist when they are sick or on holiday leave. You can pass that issue on to your outsourced telephone answering company.


The telephone answering services provided by are a cost effective way to outsource the answering of your incoming telephone calls and a great way to free up more time for you to focus your attention on the more strategic aspects of your business. You can test out the Virtual Headquarters service for free with a 7 day FREE trial.