Memorable Ways to Let Your Customers Know They Matter

Without customers, your business is just an idea. That’s why it’s so important to focus on excellent customer service within every interaction, social media post, and sales transaction.

Keep reading to learn several inexpensive ways to let customers know you care and keep them coming back, no matter what kinds of products you sell or services you provide. By investing in your customers, you’re investing in your company’s future.

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Offer a Customer Loyalty Program

Most people love getting things for free. You can tap into emotion by launching a loyalty program that rewards people for doing business with you. To encourage people to sign up, simplify the process of getting started as much as possible. Also, offer them “rewards” right away, so they don’t feel like they’ll have to wait to see the rewards kick in.

Also, although it might be easiest and cheapest to offer physical loyalty cards, consider setting up your program electronically instead. Most people may not have their card, but know their own phone number.

Thank Customers on Your Anniversary

With every year that passes, you reach a new milestone that wouldn’t be possible if your customers never returned and continued to choose your business over others. As your businesses anniversary gets closer, plan ways to tell customers your establishment wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for their patronage..

Some simple ideas are complimentary branded tote bags, pens, gift cards, etc. , or offer discounts on the exact day of your company’s founding. Not only is this a way to say “thank you” to your customers, it may also attract new customers and provide free advertising via your branded giveaway items. p>

Match Your Words with Your Actions

Many companies claim customer service is a priority, but it’s quite another matter to actually uphold that claim through actions. A good start is by having a section on your website detailing your company’s customer service. Just make sure you uphold the services you are promoting—people will quickly be dissatisfied and cynical if they learn those promise are only words.

For example, while interacting with customers, there are numerous characteristics that constitute excellent service. They include patience, a goal-oriented approach, attentiveness, and the ability to pick up on customer cues and respond accordingly. Consider training all members of your customer service team so they embody the company’s core values essential to your company’s success.

Your efforts could make the difference between creating a loyal customer or causing them to do business elsewhere. It only takes a moment to make a good impression by offering superb customer service, but it often takes a much longer to repair damage from a subpar customer service experience.

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Strive for Excellent Customer Service

While participating in an interview where he revealed Fisher Investments lessons for building an enduring business, CEO Damian Ornani discussed how a commitment to service is one of the company’s core foundations, and the company allocates ample resources toward building that particular capability of the business.

Furthermore, Mr. Ornani gave details about how team members constantly strive to provide increasingly better service. If you adopt a similar approach to service at your company by having the mindset there’s always room for improvement, customers will see the results and know you genuinely value them.

Request Feedback—Good and Bad

One of the most valuable ways to let customers know they matter is to ask them for feedback, both positive and negative. The responses you get may surprise you, and at the very least, shed light on where improvement might be needed. Plus, customers feel more invested in the company when they have a chance to share their thoughts and feelings.

These are a just a few ideas to let your customers know how much you value their patronage and loyalty. Aim to enact at least one of these ideas and they should pay dividends by encouraging customer loyalty and become woven into the fabric of your company culture.