Want Business Ideas for 2017? Idea Jab can Help you Discover Many of Them

Gary Vaynerchuk once said that ideas are sh*t and execution is the game.  I 100% agree with his quote, in a sense that ideas without execution are worthless.

Now, the problem with many budding entrepreneurs is that they have sh*tty ideas in the first place.   So, let alone they successfully turn them into a real startup, they have stepped on a po*p early on.  I’m sorry for my bad language, but I truly mean that, and I believe that’s true.

That’s the reason why “too-creative” entrepreneurs waste their money (and their investors’ money) on executing on bad ideas.

Business ideas

Of course, I said all of those not because I’m a hypocrite – I started too many websites on sh*tty ideas. In my case, ideas that are “bland” and hopeless, which I was dreaming of turning them into real success someday.  100% of them failed, and I stop turning them into reality and start focusing on developing legitimate ideas that have the potential to be big.

It’s easy to say that what I need is idea validation; while it’s true, it’s just a part of the game – what I actually need is the brainstorming process to brew some business ideas that are legitimate, doable and solving people’s problem – or change the world, if you will.

My problem is, my creative juice isn’t always flowing.  I usually got stuck on generating ideas and eventually threw them in the bin – rinse and repeat for hours.

I need a better way to generate ideas.  How?

Not long ago, I was contacted by Matt Callegari.  He’s the co-creator of a tabletop card game (my favorite!) that helps budding entrepreneurs in discovering new business ideas, called Idea Jab™.

What is Idea Jab™?

Idea Jab™ is the brainchild of Matt Callegari & Alex Laughlin.

Alex Laughlin and Matt Callegari of Idea Jab
Alex (left) and Matt

In essence, Idea Jab™ gamifies the creative process of discovering business ideas.  Ideally played in classes and meetups, the game requires players to come up with valid ideas and pitch them to other players.  It’s ideal for local universities and colleges, as well as startup meetups.  Not only that, but it’s also ideal for team-building events in the workplace.

The deck consists of 300 cards in a box. Pledging $25 (plus shipping fee – worldwide) will get you one deck.  Pledging more will give you more perks, such as app pack expansion deck (for generating more app business ideas.)

Here’s how it works:

Idea Jab in a nutshell

To better explain, check out this video:

As you can see, it’s really awesome.  And educators think so, too:  The positive reviews received from educators have let Idea Jab™ to appear at the 2017 USASBE Conference in Philadelphia, PA.

How to get the ‘stuff’?

Idea Jab™ is launched at Kickstarter.  At the time of this post’s publishing date, there are eight days to go before the project funding end.  It’s approaching the goal fast, and you can get Idea Jab™ funded by supporting it via Kickstarter.


If you think that you and your organizations can benefit from the educational game, go pledge the project!

Matt Callegari and Alex Laughlin of Idea Jab

And, oh, one last thing: Remember ideas are just ideas – until you pick one and execute. So, grab one of many ideas you found and turn that into reality this year.  I’m counting on you!