Learn Stock Market Strategies with these 5 Amazing Games

Investing in stock market is not a child’s play and requires years of practice and expertise before you start making enough profits. A decade ago, learning stock market strategies was difficult as people had to study the large stock market books and there was no way to get first-hand information regarding how the market really works.

Fortunately, those are the things of the past.  Enter educational games.

We are a big believer of learning through playing games.  In business gaming, you can role-play and simulate your way to learn about anything from starting a business to property investing, and put what you learn into practice in a non-risky, fun environment.  You might think that business games lack depth, but some games are just as realistic as they can be.

Stock market investing games

In term of stock investing, you can easily learn about trading through stock market trading games, which provide virtual currency and real-time data to help you become an expert trader in no time. Here are our top picks you must try.

Wall Street Survivor

Wall Street Survivor is a free web-based stock trading game where you start off with $100,000 in virtual cash. You can connect with thousands of different players around the world, learn stock trading tips and also earn points based on your gameplay. Moreover, Wall Street Survivor platform provides free courses, an impressive resource library and an online forum where players can interact and learn more about trading.

Merchant Banker

Merchant Banker game - screenshot

Merchant Banker is one of the most interesting online flash-based investment games. Although it does not feature any real-time stock trading values, but it is good to play in leisure time. In Merchant Banker, you start off as a 20-year old, who plans to retire by 30 with maximum cash and assets. You are provided with a capital and given a job in trading company, and you have to work your way up in the investment business. You can buy yourself a fancy suit, a new Ferrari or even go out on a date with someone you met in the bar.

Market Watch

Market Watch game page screenshot

Market Watch game is similar to Wall Street Survivor where you can polish your stock trading skills and learn new strategies as well. Initially, a $10,000 virtual cash balance is given, which you can use to trade during US market hours. The main goal of Market Watch is to showcase your skills. The better you perform, the higher you climb on the leaderboard. Moreover, you can learn about mutual funds, investment strategies and personal finance.

Stock Wars: Virtual Investing

Stock Wars - Virtual Investing app screenshot

Stock Wars is an excellent game for Apple users looking to get insights about stock trading and management. It allows you to create your own portfolio, analyze big companies in real-time and place orders. You can also monitor your performance and compare it with other players, create trading groups, connect with your friends on social media as well as learn about the market trends and quotes. It is available for free download on iOS. For more practice, play other finance related games on Juegos Friv.

Stock Market Simulator Plus

Stock Market Simulator Plus app screenshot

Stock Market Simulator Plus (install from Google Play store) provides you with a $50,000 capital, and like other games, it also features real-time updates according to the U.S stock market. It is one of the few apps on Google Play Store, which also supports penny stock trading. Stock Market Simulator Plus is ideal for novice players who would like to learn how the trading platform works and how can one devise investment strategies. It is available on Google Play Store at a price of $1.99.

Invstr – Market Investment Game

Investr app screenshot

Dubbed as “the Facebook of finance” by Telegraph, Invstr is more than a trading game where you learn new strategies and implement them in the real life. It provides financial information, insights and updates regarding companies in profit and firms in loss. Moreover, you can interact with other players on the online forum, share your portfolio and find more regarding the capital markets. Download it on your iOS device. Visit Friv.cm to browse more investment related games.

Now over to you…

What’s your favorite business/finance/investing games? Why? Please share it with us!