Top 5 Ways To Secure Your Business

Leaving your business after you close should not have to be worrisome, yet every business owner’s eyes must be open to the need for proper on-site security. I don’t think anyone that worked hard to establish a business would just let someone rob it from them, but a lack of proper care and planning could lead to a serious vulnerability being exposed. Securing your business will most likely lower your insurance and may even keep your staff safe.

Businesswoman opening office safe

Once you have installed a quality security safe, these are the most important 5 things you can do to secure your business!

1. Lighting

Lighting is the easiest way to keep burglars walking past your offices. Lights should be placed at every door including the back door and window. Regular lights won’t work because a twist of a bulb or a smack with a stick will render them useless and give a thief exactly the concealment they seek. Therefore, security lights that are shatter proof or tamperproof should be used. Bright lighting is one of the top ways to move criminals on, who rely on the cover of darkness to protect them from being spotted.

2. Security doors

Security doors are a must for businesses and homes. Heavy steel doors can look good and perform great! Beyond the door, the weakest point is the doorjamb. Having a doorjamb protector will keep your door safe from kick-ins and crowbars. Don’t just secure your front door: secure all doors!

3. Security cameras

Security cameras will keep most criminals from attempting a break-in. Having a good system with night vision is necessary. If you do have a break-in video, it can be helpful in finding the criminals and will show you where your security failed.

Office security camera
photo credit: Flickr

4. Alarm system

Having an alarm system is a big deterrent. Dwellings without security systems have 300% more of a chance to be burgled. If you were going to do one thing to minimise the chance of a break-in, get a quality alarm system.

5. Window protection

Not many businesses think about protecting windows themselves. Windows can easily be breached, and in most cases, the robbery can be over in seconds. Window films can be installed that keep your windows secure from a smash and grab. Even if the window is broken, the film holds it together so that quick entry is impossible. You can find many levels of window film protection so finding a fit should be easy.

Now that you understand all the options, you have to secure your business and take the first step. Find the security options you want to employ and follow these recommendations. Too many home and business owners wait until they have their first break-in to take action, don’t become a statistic!