Tai Lopez Discusses the Importance of Defining Your Life’s Purpose

At one point in his life, entrepreneur Tai Lopez was in a place that he never wants to see anyone in, ever again. He was almost flat broke, with only $47 in his bank account, so far in debt he didn’t think he’d ever be able to crawl out and staying on the sofa of a friend in North Carolina.

To make a long story short, he came to the realization that he needed direction in his life and that this time wasn’t going to be the defining purpose of why he was put on this small planet spinning in the middle of the cosmos.

Tai Lopez
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Defining his life, as he wanted it to be, was the first step in taking him to the very top of the ladder of success.

Who Are You Meant to Be?

Each person has goals, according to Tai, and what defines success to one may not be far enough up the ladder to another. To some people, the only goal they have in life is to have enough to get by and really don’t ever see themselves as having ‘more than enough.’ On the other hand, the next person may want to be the CEO of a global corporation such as General Electric.

The first step in realizing your life’s ambitions is to define who you are in terms of where you see yourself in the future. You can’t get there unless you know where you are going!

Drawing a Roadmap Is Critical

So then, now that you’ve defined yourself in terms of who you are and where you want to go, it’s time to draw your roadmap. This is why Tai designed his 67 Steps program that takes you from where you are now, step by step, to the very top of where you want to be. In his program, Tai draws heavily on what he did to get him to the point where he is now.

Being a mentor for more than 20 entrepreneurs who have accumulated a multi-million dollar wealth, it is apparent that Tai’s system works. However, he says over and over again that you can’t get where you are going unless you know where that is. He can teach you the steps in between where you are now and where you’d ultimately like to be, but he isn’t able to tell you where that is.

That is something you need to ‘define’ for yourself. Tai has the roadmap, you have the destination!

Tai Lopez
photo credit: YouTube

Finding Mentors on Your Journey

From time to time, you will hit stumbling blocks in your journey to your destination. That is only human and anyone who said they reached the top in a clear and unobstructed path is either living in a fantasy world, or hasn’t really reached the top yet. However, mentors who have ‘been there and done that’ can help you work your way around those roadblocks so you don’t stumble over them. They will still be there in your pathway, but you can learn to circumnavigate them. The problem for many is, where to find that mentor.

Have You Tried Social Media?

One of the places Tai Lopez suggests you find that mentor is to begin your search on social sites like LinkedIn. He, himself, has developed quite a large following on social sites and there are countless other successful entrepreneurs with social sites as well. It might be that you actually begin a conversation with one or more of them and at some point, they will agree to mentor you.

However, it still needs to be said that the first step is in defining who you are in terms of where you want to be. You won’t even find a mentor unless you know what it is you want to do with your life and you won’t know that unless you know who you are.

Tai says to define your life’s purpose first and from there the 67 Steps to success become easy to navigate because you already know where you are going. Now you only need to learn how to get there, and that’s what those 67 Steps are there to do – show you the way.