Five Reasons Why Every New Business Needs a Website

While writing business plans, raising capital and planning a marketing campaign are the most obvious tasks involved when preparing to launch a new business, this shouldn’t mean less attention is paid to developing a website for your venture.

A new business which is primarily operated offline can gain huge benefits from an online presence, while those planned to operate solely online tend to thrive with an outlet which complements Facebook, Etsy or whichever other dedicated niche site is being used.

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If the thought of adding another task to an already out of control ‘to do’ list makes you skeptical take a look at these five good reasons for taking the plunge from the start.

Reason #1 – Increased Customer Confidence

A website is especially important for online only businesses, as a website adds another layer of credibility. By integrating official payment methods, you are more likely to persuade potential customers to take the plunge and buy or order. Remember: Facebook (or similar) is fine but should never be your only point of contact or selling station. (Don’t forget, not everyone in the world uses Facebook!)

Reason #2 – More Opportunities for Revenue

Using a regularly updated Facebook page to attract both random browsers and serous buyers to your website is a good strategy for new business owners, and one which works equally well for offline businesses. These days, people are used to nearly always having the option to buy either on or offline, so don’t deprive them! Plus, online shops are open 24/7 so you can take orders or reservations at any time.

Established websites with decent and steady visitor numbers can also generate a passive income, via you selling advertising space or eliciting fee-based guest blogs.

Reason #3 – A Website Can Be Multi-Functional

Depending on the type of business you are starting, your website can operate as an informational blog, a sales outlet, a promotional hub or a combination of all three. Visual aids drive sales, so exploit the opportunity to share photographs, especially when relevant to the business.

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Reason #4 – You Can Arrange Content to Suit Yourself

Social media platforms have a place but it can be difficult and time consuming to monitor and control comments, or to add evergreen information. Things get pushed down the page very quickly, where a website can have dedicated pages for each different section such as sales, contacts, company information and so on. Even complete novices can design a site to suit their individual needs by using a resource like

Reason #5 –Greater Opportunities to Interact with Customers

A steady social media presence, and links between those platforms and the website really boost business, allowing for a seamless jump between realms. Making things as easy as possible for others to buy is basic business sense.

Although launching a new business can be exhausting and time consuming, it is also a fabulous opportunity to make a mark on the world. By developing your own website from the start, you will be giving this new adventure every chance of success.