This is How Tagove Is Simplifying Communication between Customer and Reps for Better Results

For Tagove, this craziness had started with their vision to make the world a smaller place for every business. They dreamed it – facts beating fictions. And, they are making it happen, boldly.

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Communication has always been the backbone of the business world we evolve with. Decades ago, where most of the businesses used to look for solutions for solving the challenges they were facing, now they look for the problems. Nowadays, technology has penetrated everything in such a way that we know the solutions before the problems occur.

We have enough solutions but not enough problems. Right? Technology has fuelled us with this brute force confidence but thankfully, the applications of these solutions are not that optimized. Now, that’s a real problem and Tagove is bold enough to see it at the first place. Tagove is benchmarking a similar solution and they have mothered a set of online communication tools which is here to curve a new edge in the world of smart communication.

Yes. Tagove is moving mountains for you and that’s the main reason behind their current ‘45% growth a month’ status. They have proudly served giant corporations like Citibank, Penske, ICICI pro-life Insurance (India), Amagi (India), Hyundai, Aster Pharmacy (India and UAE), etc.

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Live video chat is shaping the in-branch experience for ‘out of the branch’ VIP Clients

Firstly, Tagove’s live video chat is here to redefine the communication level of today’s banking industry. Currently, this particular tool is helping Citibank to shape their in-branch service for those clients who are not blessed with ample time for visiting one of their favourite banks physically.

You can watch our video here:

They are branding it as the ‘visual communication’ dedicated for handling their VIP clients. So, what this live video chat does? What is that ‘one-of-its-kind’ experience it fosters?

Here’s the story of how CITIbank solved the riddle

Citibank needed a smart communication tool which could enable them to provide the warmth of their in-branch services to those VIP clients who live their lives on their toes. They don’t have even a blade of time to visit their banks physically and at times, their VIP tags restrain them from appearing in a crowd.

So, how a bank can offer their best services to their customers when there is no direct way to communicate with those customers? Citibank needed to bridge this gap and thankfully, Tagove’s video chat tool empowered them to do that.

Citibank had integrated this live video chat attribute with their VIP customer’s accounts and the tool did its job. Citibank customer reps were delighted to solve the queries of their bona fide customers by leveraging this video chat tool. Further, this smart tool enabled both these customer reps and the customers to experience a one to one communication approach.

Moreover, handling a rich client base has always been a pesky task for the banks and financial sectors. There were issues like identity revelation, sensitive information sharing over the internet and others. Live video chat faced all these challenges with its smart features. Notably, this tool enables a VIP customer to hide his/her identity during video chats. This tool a; so employs an industry standard data encryption service to prevent data theft during live chat sessions.

Finally, Citibank saw a steep rise in their VIP customer satisfaction factors and their smiling faces at the end of each such chat session were the best rewards for the Citibank.

Omni-channel presence

Here is another success story from the ICICI Prudential life insurance company.

The ICICI Prudential life insurance company was facing a challenge in building a full-blown and dedicated supporting solution for those customers who were applying for new contracts.

New customers who visited ICICI website called their agents to query and apply for a new insurance. This was great but the entire onboarding process was slow as the agents had to ask each question one by one to fill up a new form in order to close a deal. There was no way for sharing visual instructions which could have helped the new customers to fill up their own forms.

The result?

New customers were getting frustrated for withstanding these long phone calls. Finally, some of them gave up. Admittedly, ICICI Prudential life insurance was losing their client base as their communication channels were bottlenecking the flow of the whole onboarding process and also the manual data entry approach was making it erroneous.

Tagove’s co-browsing feature solved the issue

Tagove Co-browsing
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This Co-browsing feature empowered ICICI agents to fill the forms with the customer in real time. By leveraging the co-browsing feature ICICI was able to slash the average operating time by 50%. Moreover, the customer satisfaction level increased up to 65% and the rate of closing contact was pumped up to 62%.

These numeric values are surely inspiring for any business but these are the small parts of the whole story. The central part of this success story was that this co-browsing feature was making the customers feel cared and guided when they needed it the most. So, a customer’s satisfactory smile is the real reward every business wants to earn.

Added to that, customers are becoming more sensitive to the new technology and positively welcome it if the support is generous enough.

You want to stay ahead of the curve. Believe me, everyone dreams for that. So, in this competitive market you need to control two important factors for that:

  • gaining customer trust
  • decreasing the overall operational cost

Tagove’s rich live communication tools are the best weapon to fight these issues. So, what do you think about your customer support team? Are they equipped with proper tools? Surely, it’s the right time to take the necessary action.