Top 10 Emerging Trends Shaping Real Estate in 2017

The real estate industry has been evolving quite a bit over the years. Here’s a few of the big trends to watch for in the market.

Keys to property

1. Properties are quickly becoming easy to adjust

Many newer properties these days are made to where you can adjust a variety of features inside each one. Some properties are made with designs where individual rooms can be cordoned off from the rest of a property. This could help with establishing individual units in one building where multiple groups of people can live in. This could be attractive in that it allows more rent totals to be collected in individual spots.

2. Labor isn’t going to be as easy to come by

It will be harder for the real estate industry to grow in the future as labor becomes harder to come across. Much of this is due to a mix of factors like older veterans of the real estate construction industry retiring and recent efforts to keep people from easily entering into the country through Mexico. The growth of the oil and gas sectors has especially gotten many people to find jobs in those particular fields.

3. Real estate is becoming more connected to larger cities

Real estate properties are being designed to where they are easier to link up to cities. Such properties are often organized with more public transit connections or links to larger community centers with more business and recreational opportunities. The key is to make it so real estate properties are connected to cities with ease to give residents more out of their lives.

4. Virtual reality will make real estate interesting

The development of virtual reality technology will make it so people might be more likely to find certain types of properties. It can be used to not only assist in the design and planning on properties but to also provide people with virtual tours of properties they might be interested in.

5. Applications are important to the sales process

Applications may be used to market all sorts of properties. Applications like Zillow and Vert may be used in particular. These help to handle the marketing process and can assist new buyers in learning about what is for sale. This is critical as millennials start to crowd the real estate market when looking for new homes.

6. Referrals are becoming more popular for marketing purposes

It used to be that real estate customers would find properties directly through realtors. Today more customers are finding properties through referrals that they get outside of what realtors offer. These include referrals from wholesale agents, classified ads and online reports and apps. Real estate providers will have to watch for how they are getting more referrals up and running to make the work that they have to offer more attractive and generally visible.

7. Interest rates are quickly influencing the market

Interest rates are becoming especially critical in terms of how well properties can sell. This comes as more buyers are realizing that a simple increase in an interest rate can cause the cost of a property loan to go up significantly. Real estate providers will have to be fully aware of what is developing in their industries so they can understand what is available and how such values will influence decisions.

8. Blockchain transactions may work in the future

photo credit: Tiger Pixel / Flickr

Blockchain transactions are being used now more than ever before. This is an encrypted form of transferring money that is used to securely get money sent from a client to a realtor. This helps with managing larger forms of money and can be rather appealing for transactions in the future. This should be used carefully to ensure that anyone looking for a property gets a proper deal in some way.

9. Walkability is a must

Walkability refers to how well people can get from one part of a local real estate community to the next. It can entail a compact space with plenty of properties that are tightly connected with services like community pools and courts or park spaces being not too far off from some sites. This is a great aspect of real estate that could directly influence how well people can enjoy their experiences in certain real estate areas.

10. People want to find properties they can improve

The last trend is that people want to find real estate properties that they can improve upon. People often go to places like Assetcolumn to find information on properties that are below their original values and can be fixed up to help them get to their original values or even better. This is typically used by those who want to find properties that they can sell at a profit later on although it might also be for those who simply want properties that want to truly make their own in some way.