6 Reasons for Outsourcing Your IT Support

More and more businesses are deciding to outsource their IT support instead of maintaining an in-house IT support team. There are quite a few advantages to doing this, including the six listed here.

Oursourcing IT support

Outsourcing your IT support will save you a lot of money

On average, an IT support manager commands a salary of £35,000 to £40,000 a year, every year. Then there’s the costs of finding a new manager if and when your current one leaves, then finding and hiring other team members, as well as keeping their training current.

For small or medium-sized businesses, a salary of such a size is too much, but the costs of having a part-time IT manager, or of relying on untrained or less-experienced staff can far outweigh this once things go wrong.

If you decide to outsource, you need to look at getting your IT support from Probrand.co.uk or a similar company. This means you’ll be paying a fixed monthly fee, which is easy to control and budget for.

An outsourced service can act as a back-up for your existing team

If you do rely on a small or part-time team, then using an outsourced support service can help them – and ultimately you. If you have a small team, or just one guy, then what do you do in a serious situation or when he or she’s on holiday? Having a widely-experienced crew on the end of the phone adds an extra layer of security to you; plus, the outsourced team can spot problems brewing.

You’ll save money on recruitment fees

We all know how expensive recruitment can be. It’s also very time-consuming and stressful, especially if you have no idea about IT and your main question is “…so, you know all about computers, then?”

Outsourcing bypasses all of this – you’ll be guaranteed an experienced team who don’t need to show you their CVs and tell you about their hobbies.

A businesswoman works hard

It frees you up to concentrate on your business

Every business knows how much time is lost to IT problems – very often trivial problems, too – and these glitches mean you miss phone calls, meetings, your accountant and, of course, your customers. Constant small hassles cost time and money, and that’s before the big ones hit!

Outsourcing your IT support makes you more productive

You may think that asking your staff members to look after their own IT hygiene and after each other’s saves money, but it really doesn’t. Everyone will lose a few minutes a day sorting out error messages, showing new hires how to handle that printer and saying “…turn it off and on again…”

Once you outsource, you’ll just have to make a call and someone will be there to make it all go away (as it were). This means that only one person is held up, rather than two!

Outsourcing means your IT support always has the latest training

IT teams need to keep their training current and up-to-date and this costs money. If you’re bearing these costs year after year, it racks up and it never ends. IT support services benefit from training partnerships with big developers, as well as better economies of scale, so you’ll feel these benefits as well.