The Morning Routine of Successful Entrepreneurs You Should Never Skip

The first hour of the morning is the rudder of the day. Whether you embark on a hike at 6 a.m. or catch up on the news, the way you spend your morning sets the tone for everything that happens for the rest of your day. Some of these habits are more beneficial than others and can prepare your mind and body for everything you have planned.

That’s why many successful entrepreneurs have developed morning activities that make their energy and productivity last as long as possible.

Morning rituals of an entrepreneur

What are some daily morning rituals that highly successful people practice to prepare their mind and tackle the rest of the day?

Read in the morning

One beneficial habit that you can practice every morning is to get up and read 15-30 minutes of something inspirational or uplifting. Business people are usually limited in time so the morning reading can be the only chance to leisurely read a couple of articles over coffee. When you get up in the morning and instead of reading a newspaper or watching television read something positive and constructive you set your mental stage or tone for your working day.

Reading book and drinking coffee

From the first day you start reading for 20 minutes, you will notice that the everything starts to go better for you. You will be calmer, more productive, even more, creative and alert. This process is not only enjoyable but also extremely useful. Reading books on business and personal growth will inspire you when you are at the beginning of the day.

Engage in a relaxing meditation routine before work

What if in just 5 minutes a day you could feel elated and full of positive energy? It can be done with mindful meditation. Why are business people often prefer morning meditation to reading newspapers? The research of mindfulness suggests that meditation improves attention, memory, and performance under stress. Moreover, meditation helps us focus. Our minds tend to wander 50% of the time.

Morning meditation

Let’s face it, it is incredibly hard to stay focused when you are constantly interrupted by emails, chats, phone calls and social media. However, meditation can conquer distraction.

Work out in the morning

Although they have little free time, all successful entrepreneurs exercise in the morning. The president of Starbucks Michelle Gass wakes up every morning at 4:30 and goes running; Avon chief Andrea Jung wakes up at 5 a.m. and goes to the gym, and even Vogue editor Anna Wintour hits the tennis court by 6.

It is scientifically proven that human power and determination is at its highest stage right when we wake up and gradually lowers as the day goes on. This is why so many people struggle to go to the gym after a long day at the office.

Morning run

Researchers at the University of Bristol discovered that people who exercise during the workday have more energy and a more positive outlook. Getting your body moving for as little as 10 minutes releases GABA, a neurotransmitter that makes your brain feel soothed and keeps you in control of your impulses.

Starting a day with a solid workout leads to better diet choices, more energy and a sense of accomplishment. A morning ritual for a business person can be any physically stimulating activity such as a trail run, a bike, yoga, or even as basic as a dog walk.

So next time you wake up, don’t start your day by checking your email or drinking coffee. Get up and immediately start moving.

Your morning routine will take just an hour of your time but can have a considerable effect on your health and well-being. Try combining the above tips, experiment with other things and figure out what works for you. Soon you will know what morning rituals are the best and you will enjoy your mornings.