What Makes a Successful Salesperson (Infographic)

Not anyone can become an entrepreneur. There are certain entrepreneurial traits that only exist in a select few. And even if someone has most of the traits, he/she isn’t guaranteed to ace the entrepreneurship game.

The same goes in the world of sales. Not anyone can become a salesperson, as there are certain personality traits and characteristics that can potentially turn you into a successful salesperson. And, even if someone possesses the traits and characteristics, he/she still needs to work hard on honing their sales skills.


Regardless, we must agree on a couple of things:

  • Number one, a salesperson needs to have a natural charm, charisma, and intelligence.
  • Number two, a salesperson needs to have specific personality traits and characteristics that impact his/her success.
  • Number three, you need both number one and two to increase your chance to achieve greatness (read: become a top salesperson.)

To understand what it takes to be a successful salesperson, you need to focus on the ‘anatomy’ of a successful salesperson.

What makes a salesperson successful

So, what are the traits and characteristics that impact your success? Here’s an infographic that brief you on that.

The Anatomy Of A Successful Salesperson

Provided by Salestrong

To recap, here are what successful salesperson has as traits:

1. Business acumen

67 percent of surveyed salespeople say that knowing client’s business wins more business. It’s imperative that you should know how your prospects’ and clients’ business work so that you can tailor your pitch, as well as your actual products and services according to their needs.

2. Drive and determination

Did you know that, just like entrepreneurs, salespeople are actually living in fear of failure? A salesperson needs the mindset, grit and work ethic to succeed, beyond their actual sales skills.

3. Patience and perseverance

While salespeople typically want to close sales quickly, it’s actually those who have patience, especially in negotiation, who thrive.

4. Passion and dedication

Successful salespeople need to believe in what they’re selling with all of their hearts. Passion and dedication show, and your clients can see and sense those. Chances are, they share your passion and make a deal eventually.

5. Motivation and focus

Goal setting is important, especially for a sales person. Stay focused on your goal and keep engaging your clients and in the sales process.

6. Outgoing and sociable

Sales are all about people. Building relationship with clients and prospects is more important than the closing itself.

7. Confidence and charisma

The stereotype of a sales person is confidence. Rightly so, it’s a strong asset to possess: People buy into confidence and charisma; add grit and professionalism to that, closing is just a matter of time.

8. Creativity and innovation

Sales are about making your audience believe in you and what you’re selling, and storytelling is mean to do just that.