Avoid Internet Marketing mistakes! Create Powerful Contents and Distribute Them Today

Many content managers want to play safe with their internet content marketing, and for this reason, they never hit it big. This is one mistake you must avoid in internet marketing. Playing it safe simply means you are building your internet marketing strategies around popular and best marketing practices – nothing more.

You might have probably read a lot of publications especially on the best time of the day to share a post or tweet, or you were told about the best possible way to organize your blog or post new blogs- this is not innovative, and it will put you in your comfort zone with no new things to try out. The problem with this approach is that you generalize things where you should focus on your niche’s specific characteristics, from the type of content to how to make it go as far as you want (a.k.a. go viral.)

Content marketing

Here’s the thing: If you don’t try something new, there is no way you can discover new things especially on how to get better, quite possibly the best, results in your internet marketing.

You need to deal with your internet marketing mistakes and create the most effective content marketing strategies if you want the best results. Read this for typical content marketing mistakes that undermine your entire digital marketing efforts: https://adsy.com/content-marketing-mistakes

Here are some tips to avoid the typical mistakes content managers often make in content creation and marketing.

Don’t write for everyone – laser target your audience

Writing for generic people is another common error you must avoid in internet marketing, especially if you want to achieve the best results within the shortest period of time. Most content marketers start with generic contents, hence they spend most time targeting males or females of between 16 and 40 years of age with 2 kids and great jobs.

That’s simply not effective.

If you want to achieve great internet marketing results, you just have to go deeper than generic groups of people, identify unique people and then generate contents that will specifically speak to them, this means, you need to learn about their challenges, fears, and motivations- if you can get this group of people on your side, then they can be your main leads and convince others to try your products and services. Consider the fact that it is easier to convince a smaller group of people than a wider range of people.

To create contents for specific people, you need to conduct your own independent research. This means you are willing to provide some customer surveys, Interview the people, and interact with them on social media networks – the information you obtained from these sources will help you design the ideal contents that will attend to their concerns and motivate them to become your customers.

Consuming content

Content creation + content distribution = Win

The high-quality standard of content is non-negotiable when it comes to getting the most from your internet marketing strategies. Similarly, avoiding the mistakes of creating typical, generic contents for everyone should be avoided. However, content alone won’t make your content marketing campaign a success.

You need content distribution, as well; you need to find effective ways to distribute your content to your audience.

Social media is one of the most important content distribution platforms. You need to take your content to the right audience organically or using social media ad solutions. Of course, social media is not the only one – you should consider other digital distribution methods.

For example, if you create music, you should promote yours by publishing it on Soundcloud, Spotify and so on. Not only that, you should contact influencers and ask them to talk about your music, or simply let them use your music for their podcasts, vlogs, and other medium for free, in exchange for mentions.

Get creative – not only with your content creation, but also with your content distribution.


You need to identify new audience generation options such as third party platforms that connect marketers with publishers. The use of third party internet content managers can make a huge impact on your bottom line, because they can give you access to the most powerful and reliable customize contents that yield high traffic volumes.

Other mistakes you need to avoid when creating a powerful content management strategy are:

  • Abuse of SEO strategies (including keyword stuffing),
  • Focusing more on quantity instead of quality,
  • Excessive use of sales pitch in your contents,
  • Ignoring distribution means and only focusing on content generation, and
  • Procrastination (postponing what you could have completed today, for another day).


For more information on how to maximize the potentials of content marketing, creating and distributing your contents effectively, I’d like to recommend the following resources: