Top 3 On-Page SEO Checkers for Analyzing Your Business Website

One of the benefits of using SEO checker software is that they help in identifying and addressing all manners of SEO issues on your website or blog. They also provide some instant reviews that can highlight and identify new opportunities to help you get your site to the top of search engines.

SEO checker tools

There are a wide range of SEO problems that can affect the performance of your website in search engines, you may be unable to detect such problems by yourself, whereas an SEO audit or checker tool can detect such within few seconds or minutes. Visit to see how SEO checkers works.

Some of the best SEO checkers you can consider are:

  • On-Page SEO Tool by ScanBacklinks
  • Woorank SEO checker
  • SEO Site Checkup

On-Page SEO Tool by ScanBacklinks

ScanBacklinks screenshot

One of the most effective checkers is the On-Page SEO Tool by ScanBacklinks. This SEO checker is flexible, easy for beginner users. Register once and enjoy the easiest way to indicate SEO problems, and you’ll be advised with solutions.

This is how the process flows:

  • Analyzing on-page optimization
  • Report & tips for improvement
  • SEO tips implementation
  • Getting higher rankings & more traffic

Woorank SEO Checker

Woorank screenshot

Woorank is one of the best SEO checkers you can find online, and it does not come free. The SEO checker comes with 5 basic features, and these are:

  • Advanced SEO Audit
  • Keyword tool
  • Site Crawl
  • SEO Monitoring
  • Digital Marketing checklist

The Advanced SEO Audit, is a feature that checks each and every part of your web pages and then evaluates each page before returning your overall SEO score for each page. The feature also comes with technical SEO auditing features that evaluates your codes and ensure that they don’t harm your website in anyway. The technical auditing feature focusses on areas such as: robots.txt, meta tags, server uptime, page speed, sitemap.xml, the blocking factors, and security. The on-page audit conducted for SEO auditing also focusses on internal and backlinks, image optimization, keyword usage and broken links.

The keyword tool is a feature is basically used in keyword researching, it is also used in analyzing competitor’s website keywords and tracking such keywords in the simplest, fastest and most reliable way. You should expect vital keyword information such as:

  • The average search volume for each keyword on monthly basis
  • Suggestion of keywords based on the content of your site
  • Ranking of your competitors’ keywords
  • Keyword tracking represented on graphs
  • Keyword ranking data in PDF format.

Site Crawl is a feature of Woorank SEO checker that inspects your web pages by crawling on your internal links from one page to the other, and ensures that all nooks and crannies of your site and analyzed based on available links and expose all technical vulnerabilities, including the following;

  • Errors on meta tags
  • Duplicate and poor quality pages
  • Multiple H1 tags on pages
  • Poor and dead redirects
  • HTTP and HTTPS problems
  • Missing and broken pages

Small SEO Tools

SmallSEOTools screenshot

Just as the name implies, the Small SEO Tools SEO checker is a portable SEO checker that is best known for its ability to check plagiarism as well as spelling and grammatical errors. Perhaps the best feature of this SEO checker is that it is completely free and very simple to use. To use the SEO tool, simply log into the home page, then copy your entire content and paste it on a green box provided there and click on the green button that says “Check Plagiarism” or the red button that says “Check Grammar”. It should be noted that the smallseotools plagiarism or grammar checker can only take 1000 words of content at a time.

There are many useful tools on Small SEO Tools website, for example, they provides meta tags analyzer, code to text ratio checker, Redirect Checker and much more.


Of course, there are more tools available on the market.  However, the three mentioned above are some of the best SEO tools to get you started with on-page optimization. You can try each and see whether any of them answer your needs.