Top 10 Ted Talks for Entrepreneurs

Looking to filter through the noise and watch only the most practical Ted Talks to point you in the direction of entrepreneurial success?

Here’s 10 on varied topics to get you started. Don’t hesitate to leave a comment with your own recommendations. Everyone’s listening!

1. Tim Urban on the inner mindset of a procrastinator.

Procrastination stops all who fall under its spell in their tracks. What better way to kick off a Ted-Talk-binge-watch-session than a good ole slap in the buttocks from funny man Tim Urban. He points out all the obvious trappings in the digital era, and how easy it is to slip down an entertainment or fact-finding rabbit hole, rather than simply bearing down and getting more of what you actually need to done.

2. Tony Robbins on why we do what we do.

It’s important for all entrepreneurs to understand our often unconscious motivations for doing X, Y, and Z. Here, the more massive than life speaker attempts to help us dig down into the heart of what really matters to us, and how to manipulate that into our success formula for life.

3. Shawn Achor on how work doesn’t equal happiness.

Though it might seem wishy-washy, this is one of the most popular Ted Talks of all time. It’s from a few years back, but was really hitting on something that people in business all over the world are now just starting to tune into. The idea that we don’t have to work to be happy, but rather must be happy outside work in order to enjoy the jobs we do. A must for anyone starting out as an entrepreneur or anyone in general who can’t seem to put the happiness equation to work for them.

4. Simon Sinek on inspiring subordinates into taking action.

Sinek insists that the only true way to inspire action from those we lead is to firmly answer the question of “why” we want them to do said tasks and actions. Only after the “why” is defined can you move on to the how. A very interesting take on what it takes to be a truly effective leader for your team.

5. Julian Treasure on speaking in a way that will make people listen.

Knowing how to speak to people is key in sales, management, and forming beneficial partnerships in business. In this clip, Julian offers some “treasures” of knowledge that we can all use including ways to hone your voice at home, and speak to people with more empathy even if you’re not in a particularly feeling sort of mood.

6. Amy Cuddy on the importance of body language.

In this Ted Talk, Amy Cuddy discusses how body language doesn’t just affect our interactions with others, but actually undermines our own self confidence in the long run. It’s as inspiring as it is informative, teaching you tricks to “fake it til you make it” in the art of effective body language. This is actually one of the most controversial talks of all time, as it’s sparked massive debates among social scientists and those in the mental health specialities.

7. Kelly McGonigal on what really makes stress dangerous to your health.

I find this to be one of the most relevant (to me) Talks ever. The idea that stress kills has always been tough for me to swallow personally, since our bodies are hard-wired to respond to threats in our environment for survival. Simply by viewing stress as a positive is apparently a real game changer to health and longevity, according to this psychologist.

8. Susan Cain on the power of being an introvert.

Realising that one is an introvert can be an insurmountable hurdle if you don’t feel your skills will ever be appreciated. In this Ted Talk, Susan talks introverts down from the ledge and makes some great points about what they actually offer to the world in general, including empathy and the ability to stay calm in the most stressful of situations.

9. Ray Dalio on building a successful business using other people’s ideas to grow

Ideas can start a business, but they also help them grow and grow and grow. Who better than multi-billionaire investor Ray Dalio to tell us how he’s built companies that encourage success by harnessing the best ideas offered by those who work around him.

10. Seth Godin on marketing your ideas.

Always a treat to listen to this guy! Seth Godin trumps modern thinking in the marketing world by revealing an interesting fact about sliced bread (ie., the greatest invention since…) He brings up the fact that nobody actually bought this ground-breaking product for a decade and a half after it was released. In this video, Seth talks about the importance of spreading ideas rather than focusing on refining them when you don’t even have a strong market established.

What are your most inspiring or informative Ted Talks that speak to entrepreneurs new and old?

Main Image Credit: Paul Townsend/Flickr