When Financial Worries Make It Hard to Sleep

When you turn off the lights at night and close your eyes to sleep, what do you think about? If you’re trying to get some rest, the ideal answer is “Not much.”

Maybe you think about a funny thing your dog did earlier that day, or a pretty flower you saw on the walk home from work, or something else pleasant and relaxing. But if instead you think about how much credit card debt you have, or wonder how on earth you’re going to afford to see the doctor for a nagging medical issue, then well, you’re probably not going to have a great night in the sleep department.

Having a sleep problem

Money problems = sleep issues

There’s a saying that goes something like “If the problem can be solved with money, then it’s not really a problem.” It’s a nice sentiment and all, but it’s also usually said by people who have at least a little bit of money. Sure, your bank account balance isn’t the be all and end all of human existence, but it’s pretty darn important. It’s like a person with a giant turkey sandwich telling a hungry friend, “You know, your problem can be solved with food, so I’m not sure how legitimate it really is.”

Staying up all night and worrying is easy to do, especially if it’s your usual response to big problems. But you need a strategy for dealing with your financial issues, and insomnia isn’t it.

Dealing with debts – with creativity

If you’re in a significant amount of debt, it’s not going to be easy to get out, but it’s manageable with a bit of creativity and a lot of determination.

If you use your credit card too often, then hide it away in a spot where you can’t use it at all. Maybe it’s the back of your freezer, or a random drawer in your house, but put it somewhere that’s not your purse or wallet. Then try not to think about it. That’s easier said than done, so go online and log into your credit card account.

Most credit card companies nowadays have an online tool that lets you calculate how your credit score will change if you take certain actions like paying off a card entirely or opening a new line of credit. Look at how much your credit score will improve if you pay off twenty-five percent, fifty percent, seventy-five percent, or even one hundred percent of your credit card debt. Feels nice, doesn’t it? Let that exercise motivate you. Take a screenshot of the webpage as a reminder.

Having a discussion

Stop being scared, start taking action

There are some expenses that may seem even harder to shake off. If you’ve been putting off going to the doctor because you’re afraid your insurance won’t cover enough of the visit, then it’s time to stop being scared and start taking action.

If you get insurance through your employer, visit your HR rep and ask about modifying your coverage. You may have to wait until a certain time of year, but it’s better to find out now and start planning ahead. If you’re on Medicare, look into Medicare supplement plans that give you more options for coverage.

The health insurance system can be complicated and exhausting, but you’re not doing yourself any favors by just refusing to participate in it.

Trying to take action and falling a bit short is better than just walking around all day and worrying about what terrible things might happen to you. Once you dig deep into a problem and start trying to resolve it, it’s usually not as bad as you feared. And if you still can’t sleep at night, well, maybe you should look into getting a water pillow for better head and neck support. If that doesn’t work, perhaps it’s time to turn your mattress, or just go to a mattress store and get a new one.

Looking for solutions is always better than waiting for disasters to strike.