Flyer Design – 5 Graphic Design Trends for Making an Impact with Your Flyer

Graphic design trends in advertising are influenced by many factors such as media, culture, the past, and the present, fashion and technology, and they often come and go without much fanfare.

When it comes to designing an eye-catching flyer for your next event or promotion for your business, it pays to be aware of some of the most successful graphic design trends. Here’s five of them to consider when it comes to designing your flyer or discussing your flyer design with your regular design and print services provider:

1. ‘Modern’ Retro

Missill retro flyer
Retro flyer design – front (left) and back (right) – credit: Roberto Salvador / Behance

You might have heard of ‘vintage’ or ‘old’ retro, concepts which encompassed many styles from the early 1900s right through to the 1960s – but ‘modern’ retro is influenced by more recent times, typically the 1970s to the 1990s. It draws its inspiration from the early PC and video games, space concepts, and pixel art – it’s nerdy, but it’s cool!

2. Material Design

Flat 2.0 poster design
Flat 2.0 design – credit: Justin Mezzell / Dribbble

It was Google which first made an impact with its ‘material design’ guidelines, typically incorporating definitive colour choices, full-space imagery, oversized typography, and bold use of white space – delivering an overall bold graphic design some refer to as ‘Flat 2.0’ – an evolution of the previous flat trend but featuring depth, light and shadow, and movement, to produce a touchy sense of realism.

3. Negative Space

Negative space design – credit: Alfrey Davilla | Vaneltia / Dribbble

White space, or negative space, appears as a staple element in many contemporary graphic designs. When employed strategically, this negative space allows the designer to incorporate double meaning or greater depth in company branding or logo-related projects. It’s also often used to produce the popular minimalist look.

4. Modular Layout

L'Oreal Paris app modular layout design
Modular layout design – credit: Behance

Already adopted by some of the big brands, especially for use in mobile apps and websites, these independent cards, or modules, form the main organisational design structure, adding a new twist to a well-established grid layout. It’s popularly used to provide clear, uncluttered, and easy navigation on mobile apps.

5. Dramatic Typography

Menthol promotional poster design
Promotional poster design – credit: Menthol / Behance

Text can be so much more than something people just read. It can be used to make a statement! Bold, oversized typography grabs attention, and creates drama. Apart from size – texture, colour and layout can also be used to produce stunning results.

Of course, producing a high-quality graphic design for use in your next flyer campaign won’t be much good unless you match it with the best flyer printing services for outstanding results; a stunning flyer which grabs attention, and pulls people into your business. If you don’t already have an expert graphic designer and printer on hand, consider undertaking the design and print process with a company which provides professional, reliable, efficient and cost-effective graphic design solutions.