Flyer Printing: Broad-Impact Marketing

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Inspirational flyer design by Martijn van Dam
With the growth of the digital age, flyer printing for marketing purposes may seem passe. In fact, they possess a tangible presence that gives them more impact than ever before. How can your promotional campaign tap into their potential?

Flyer printing, if well-targeted, can be good value for money, efficient and effective. Its advantages over virtual, online promotions lie in its capacity to catch people’s attention in the local world beyond the computer screen – as they wait in queues, visit the petrol station or the supermarket, pick up a local newspaper or go about any number of daily tasks.

Thanks to the material presence of flyer printing, your product is visible on the streets, in the shops and around people’s houses, and not only on the internet. Flyers are a handy piece of publicity, and once they have caught someone’s eye are able to fit into a handbag or pocket, or slipped as an insert into a newspaper or magazine.

Eye-catching design and content

An effective, arresting design goes a long way towards attracting your customers’ attention. This part of the process should not be rushed, but carefully thought-through and considered. You can enlist the assistance of your flyer printing company to either design your flyers to a brief, or simply ask them to look over your own design and make small amendments before printing.

Keep your market firmly in mind: ask for as many opinions on your flyer printing design as possible, and act on them. If your design provokes immediate interest in your organisation, company, or product, you’re onto a winner.

One of the main benefits of flyer printing is that it specifically promotes your product. There are no distractions, so long as your content is structured and succinct. Refining the message on your flyer printing ensures what your customers read is convincing and persuasive – after the eye-catching design has done its work, don’t allow the content to let it down!

And don’t forget about colour. Research has shown that colourful flyer printing designs are more likely than monochrome or those that only use two colours to be effective at securing custom. Digital printing methods are especially well-adapted for vibrant colour printing.

An impact that goes further than your budget

Digital printing is a cheap and affordable way of flyer printing. The print runs are shorter and more economical. Because of the short runs, digitally printed flyers can be tightly targeted and pithily pitched, reducing waste not only in terms of money but in terms of customer attention.

A tailored and bespoke printed flyer, carefully aimed at a focused audience, will be much more effective in terms of grabbing people’s attention than huge runs of more loosely targeted promotional material that will mostly be ignored.

What is more, thanks again to the physical presence that results from a flyer printing campaign, their exposure time is longer than that of online promotion. One flyer, if taken home, will be seen not only by the person who picked it up but by their family and friends.

Positioning: the finishing touches

Making sure your flyers end up in the right hands is the final step in the flyer printing promotion process from design to content to costs to positioning. Letter-box drops are one way of distributing flyers, but this could be a blind strategy, and not very focused on the market unless your product is localised. Newspaper inserts channel your flyers to different demographics dependent on the paper’s readership – although there may be extra costs involved. Placing flyers in relevant venues – whether hotel lobbies or tourist offices, on a receptionist’s desk or in the local pub, places where people tend to wait or have time on their hands to peruse – may be a good strategy to adopt. Once well-placed, your flyers can take on a life of their own: who knows who might end up reading them?

In conclusion, flyer printing is a great and cost effective marketing strategy for small businesses, opening up your customer base along with a whole spectrum of promotional possibilities.

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