Top 4 Benefits of Better Printed Business Stationery

Whether your company has a long history or you’re a start-up in the first year of business in the UK, having effective stationery still matters. Outside of your website, it’s the first communication exchange that a prospective customer has with the company.

Nothing feels so bad as a flimsy business card on cheap stock being handed to you that is almost like paper rather than card. Sometimes, it’s as much about avoiding mistakes like low-quality stationery as it about outright impressing someone.

Event flyer design example
photo credit: Giulia Ripa / Behance

Our friends at Print24 flyer printing suggests the following benefits of using quality printed business stationery:

1. You Only Get One Chance to Make a Great First Impression

Whether someone’s being handed some print flyers as a distribution push on the street or print leaflets are being used to promote an upcoming local event, there are only maybe 1-2 seconds to make that first impression.

If the flyer doesn’t feel good in the hand or the leaflet tears easily from a gust of wind because it’s so flimsy that anything could destroy it, then it reflects poorly on the company or event being promoted on the flyer or leaflet. The item gets discarded, the event quickly forgotten, and the fleeting attention of a member of the public is lost for good.

2. Customizable Multi-coloured Flyers to Suit Your Needs

Modern flyer printing uses up to 20 different types of paper that create different finishes and visual effects. Some paper stock is opaque, while others have a smooth, silky finish that let your hands glide over them easily. The gsm weight of the paper stock depends both on personal choice and availability with different paper types (some are naturally heavier than others). The grammage runs from 90 gsm on the low end up to 350 gsm thicker card stock on the high end.

Coated art paper often produces some of the most pleasing results because it comes out looking and feeling the best. The surface of the art paper has its own coating that includes chalk, casein and polymer dispersion, which together creates a bond over the paper. Almost all paper stock begins with a non-reflective matt finish, but it’s also possible to get a glossy finish which requires an additional process. Each flyer is fed through two rollers, which smooth out the card, making the colours stand out more from the paper.

Folded leaflet example
photo credit: Jeremy Purdy / Behance

3. Folded Leaflets Pack Get More Attention

Gone are the days when cheap leaflet printing means photocopier-quality paper that’s dull, lifeless, and uninspired. The latest technology is used with leaflet printing these days to create folded leaflets made from thick card stock that folds up or fan out to display a multi-page layout. There’s space for a company logo, artwork designs to inspire, an introduction to basic services and promoting any other information you wish to have printed.

When sending a promotional folded leaflet out in the mail, it feels good to open the envelope, remove the leaflet and fan it out to see what it looks like fully extended. It’s a little different to promotional materials in the past and so receivers are often presently surprised by the material, it’s presentational value, and quality feel. With this memorable experience, the details contained in the leaflet are more likely to be remembered too, which is good news for businesses trying to get noticed on a low budget.

4. Quality Flyers for Expo Events

When setting up for an industry expo event, getting the booth right is a design challenge all by itself. It needs to be open plan to allow free movement, but also with sufficient space for the brand to shine through. One of the ways that expo events raise the level of expectation is in the corporate goodies that are given out by staff. These can be branded mini notepads, pens, flyers, leaflets and other items that provide information on the products and services, while also keeping the brand front and centre in the mind of people visiting the trade booth.

It doesn’t do the company any good to get great flyers designed and beautifully printed and have them just sit in the office so no one sees them. They’re excellent marketing materials that need to be placed in the right people’s hands to enable a dialogue to happen, the sales call follow-up later, and hopefully, a deal consummated soon after. When staff are not there to talk to, it’s the marketing material that speaks for the company, so it needs to be top notch. Other companies at the trade show are doing the same thing, so your printed media must stand out from the crowded field to get noticed.


Whatever your printing requirements are, focus on the design, the quality of the print stock and the finish on the printing run. Distributable materials must both look good and feel impressive; a rough finish or a thin card stock won’t cut it.