Top 5 Writing Tools for Business (and Academic Assignments!)

Top 5 Writing Tools for Business (and Academic Assignments!)

Running a content business or creating content for your boss? I think you’ll agree with me on the fact that it’s not easy to deliver error-free work. After hours of writing, the writer still has to proofread to eliminate all forms of errors.

Things aren’t easier if you’re a college student: With so many deadlines closing in, you need all the help available. You may be able to pull it off, but it’s only natural that you’ll need to compromise on quality.  Unfortunately, that’s translated into grades.

Content writing tools and services

Online tools and services save the day

Fortunately, the Internet offers you plenty of leverages.  For example, proofreading tools can help freelance copywriters in speeding up the clients’ content creation process. For a college student, a website that does your homework and/or term papers writing service can help you beat the deadlines. For a company, using writing tools and outsourcing the content creation can actually improve their bottom line

Now the big question is, which tools and services should you use?

5 writing tools to recommend

Without further adieu, here are five tools that deliver quality content for both business and academic world:


E Writing Service website

A good quality essay or research paper must be free from any form of error. The writer is expected to use the right words, grammar, phrases, and adhere strictly to the instructions and style. Besides the experience in writing, one also needs patience and a lot of time to write and edit the paper.

Fortunately, you can always outsource that needs to a writing company, such as Ewritingservice. The company provides custom writing help. Such writing help is usually offered by qualified and experienced native writers who have gone ahead academically.

2. website

Academic and research papers are not easy to write. The writing style, tone, and language are often needed to be altered multiple times to deliver a good readability.

Well, there’s a tool for that. gives information about the texts when copied into the web app’s box for analysis. Information like readability, overall score, and helpful tips are made available after the analysis to help the writer to improve the quality of the paper. It shows the number of times passive voices, long sentences, and cliches appear in the paper. It is a great online tool that simplifies academic and business writing alike.

3. WriteMyEssaysZ

WriteMyEssayZ website

Did you know that there are websites that write your essay? WriteMyEssayZ is one of them.

Focused on students, WriteMyEssayZ is actually serving a wider market:  Job seekers who want their resume refined; content creators who want their content proofread; and so on. Due to the different needs to cater, they have professionals and highly experienced native writers that know what it takes to deliver error-free work.

4. Grammarly

Grammarly website

Grammarly is another handy online tool for proofreading written content, including articles and papers. Errors are classified as critical and advance issues, while suggestions are also provided to help make the relevant corrections. It records the amount of critical and advanced errors in the texts.

Suggestions for advanced issues are accessible only by premium account holders. So, if you’re a professional or service provider who needs to deliver plenty of content on a regular basis, paying for advanced features can offer you attractive ROI.

5. Proofread Bot

Proofread Bot website

This tool will help you spot punctuation mistakes, grammar and style errors and provide useful suggestions on how to correct them. It is very easy to use and has an option for users to upgrade to premium service where they can have full access to all features of the app.

Users can gain free Pro Checks when they teach the Bot new grammar mistakes. Once the entry is approved after submission, the user automatically receives 25,000 free Pro checks.


Writing content has become a lot easier due to professional help and proofreading tools available. This holds true for both students and businesses.

Now over to you: What’s your favorite tool? Why? Please share with us!

Ivan Widjaya

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