Yes, Effective Marketing Can Be Affordable!

The business world is competitive. You have to stand out above the rest for your enterprise to grow continuously and be successful. One avenue for growth is through cutting edge advertising.

There is a wide array of promotional tools that you can choose from like TV or radio commercials, newspaper ads and billboards but these can cost you a significant amount which can be quite a hindrance for start-up businesses.

It is a relief to know one of the inexpensive ways for your business to create a big impact on your potential consumers is through a roll up or pop up banner. Pop up banners can give a good first impression and can make people stop and take a look, which can lead these people to be curious and interested in your products and services.

Wide roll-up banner
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Choosing to promote your business through roll up or pop up banners entails a lot of benefits in terms of affordability, portability, and space, especially when it comes to bazaars, trade fairs or exhibitions.

Here are some guidelines that you can consider for a captivating roll up or pop up banner.

Partner with a trustworthy and competent company

It will design or print your roll up or pop up banner. Consider this company as your business partner because it will create your promotional material. Do not rush to choose; check the profile and background of various companies and check the portfolio of their designs and materials before you decide.

Keep it simple yet eye catching

Remember first impressions last. People will not read the whole thing, but will typically check the images and a few words printed on your banner. It is very important that with just one glance, your potential market can get an overview of the products and services that you have to offer. It is vital that you relay your message to your target consumers as interestingly and as straightforward as possible.

Use the right colours and fonts

Choosing the right colours will make your pop up banner stand out even though it only takes up a small space. Colours that are associated with your business can be a great choice. You should also take into consideration the colours of the text and images. There should be proper contrast of colours because these should be visible even from a distance.

Roll-up banners
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Make sure to include your logo and slogan

Put your logo on top of the display banner and see to it that it is at least at eye level. If you have a company slogan, include that as well. This is particularly important because this logo and your slogan will be the content of your banner that will leave an impression on your potential clients.

Never forget your contact details and social media accounts

Make sure that your contact numbers are visible and easy to find. There will be instances where people in trade fairs will be overwhelmed by the various booths, so they will try their best to visit each that day. But if they become interested in your products or service, they will surely copy your contact number on the banner or just tap on their phones right there and then to follow you on social media.

Effective marketing need not be expensive. It only takes the proper tools and creativity to propel your business to success.