6 WiFi Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses

Does your small business offer WiFi access to your customers? Well, if you’re looking for an effective way to advertise your business then perhaps it’s time to consider using WiFi marketing.

Offering guest WiFi can help bring sales to your business if used efficiently, and with internet connections being more important to customers than ever, enabling guest Wifi in your place of work alone is enough to attract more customers.

However, by forming a strategy based around your guest WiFi offer you can fully reap the benefits with more customers and increased sales. Here are six marketing ideas that you should be using to grow your small business.

WiFi marketing

Add customers to mailing list

When you’re trying to promote your business, the first thing you need to do is find relevant people to advertise to.

When customers come in to use your guest WiFi, you know that they have an interest in the products and services you provide.

By requesting they sign into your internet connection by providing their email address, they have then officially opted into any email marketing campaign you choose to conduct.

By using this technique, you can bulk up your mailing list and market to former and current customers.

Use WiFi analytics

When you’re conducting a marketing campaign of any sort, it’s important to have an idea of who it is your marketing to.

With WiFi analytics you can find out more about your customers than ever before as there are various data sets you can use to become aware of their demographic.

Examples of some of the features of WiFi analytics include the tracking of conversions into sales, the number of return visitors and the frequency of their visits.

You can receive these figures in real-time, allowing you to amend a tailored marketing campaign simultaneously.

Reward customers

Once you get new customers the main challenge is keeping hold of them.

A technique you can use to retain customers new and old is rewarding them for their service, and you can do this via WiFi marketing.

If you use WiFi analytics you’ll be aware of which customers you’re potentially losing and those who use your brand most. By offering rewards you’re giving customers an incentive to come back and stay respectively.

Offering rewards to devices your Wifi is tracking in the form of discounts or freebies, that are relevant to your business, is the way forward. Offering unrelated rewards can be perceived as an act of desperation.

Social WiFi marketing

Social WiFi Marketing

Another way to attract new customers via WiFi is through social WiFi marketing.

This is when you get customers to log into your guest WiFi via their social media accounts, so they have to avoid a longwinded sign-up procedure.

By getting them to log in via their social accounts, this encourages them to follow your company’s social pages and communicate with you via platforms such as Twitter or Facebook.

The boost in your social following can lead to sales and new customers through word of mouth. Through researching your social media followers, you can also get a better understanding of their specific tastes and demographic.

Keep engagement relevant

With all the work going into establishing your customers demographic, it would be completely unforgivable to neglect that by promoting irrelevant campaign material.

The promotion of irrelevant content can be perceived as lazy. Sometimes all it needs is a ‘thanks for visiting us today’ email, a piece of information you can find via analytics, to show your customers that you value their service, whilst keeping the message relevant at the same time.

Don’t pressurise

WiFi marketing is superb for attracting new customers, but it’s essential to not overstep the mark.

When you’re creating your campaign, you have to do it smartly and make sure to not communicate with your customer base too much.

They can be driven away by constant marketing, so it’s best to space it out over time. If you’ve got them to download your app and use your services, the last thing you should be doing is overloading them with spam as a result.


Wi-Fi marketing has the potential to bring a whole host of new customers to your business if done correctly. To get things started, make sure to contact an excellent provider of guest WiFi so your SMB can maximise its potential.