Businesses that can Benefit from Location Based Marketing

Marketing is a very important part of achieving business success, particularly in today’s highly competitive business environment. It is important for any business owner or manager to find the most suitable marketing methods, and the ones used will depend on a number of factors. This includes the type of business you run, who your target audience is, and where you offer your goods and services.

With many businesses now able to operate on a global basis, worldwide marketing has become very popular. Businesses use resources such as social media platforms and email marketing in order to target customers from all around the globe. However, not all businesses need to get involved with this type of marketing, as some will benefit more from local marketing efforts.

Barbershop owner doing local marketing

Why some businesses need local marketing?

If you keep up with business experts via various news outlets online and offline, you will know how important the right type of marketing is for a business. You may wonder why some businesses should use local marketing rather than market their goods and services around the world. Well, the key reason is that there are still many businesses that do not offer their goods and services worldwide or even nationwide, which is where location based marketing comes into the equation.

For instance, if your business is involved in renting out Storage Units in Seattle, there is no point marketing your service in to customers in the United Kingdom. For some companies, marketing globally is a waste of time, effort, and money, as they are only catering for people within a certain area. So what are the businesses that will benefit from targeted location based marketing. Well, some examples include:

1. Bricks and mortar retailers

If you run a bricks and mortar retail business that is not part of a large chain, there is no point marketing to people that are not in the local area. Unless your business offers something truly unique that people would struggle to find elsewhere, local marketing is the most effective option. You can still use low cost marketing methods such as online marketing but just make sure you target the right audience – the locals.

Home decorator

2. Local service providers

Many people offer services that involve visiting customers at home. According to latest business statics this can range from decorating services through to mobile hairdressing or massage services. Unless you want to be travelling across the country, you need to offer services within a reasonable geographical area so that you can get to and from properties with ease. In addition, customers are not going to want to wait around for hours while you drive half way across the country to come and see them.

3. Small companies that do not offer online purchasing

If you sell products and services that can be purchased online, then marketing on a global basis is fine. However, if you do not offer online purchasing capabilities and your business is a small one with no other branches you should stick to marketing in the local area.

So, when you are putting your business marketing strategy together, make sure you take into consideration where your customers will be located.