3 Creative Local Marketing Ideas

Many business owners make the mistake of targeting different areas with the same ads and content. While this might be the most cost-effective way to approach your marketing campaigns, it provides less results for your business. If you’re looking to increase customer engagement, providing different marketing materials to different locations and demographics is one of your best options.

If you’ve never used local marketing techniques in your business, you might be wondering which strategies are most effective. It can be difficult to come up with creative ways to target each market segment you’re aiming for. This post will help you get started in the right direction.

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1. Offer Local Deals for Local Occasions

If you have branches of your business in multiple cities, you should offer different deals for each of your branches. Make the offers related to local events or traditions. For example, you might want to offer a deal that relates to one of the city’s sports teams.

UpFitness, a local company offering personal training in London, shares, “Local deals allow you to customize different offerings to your different customer groups. It also helps you connect with customers on a personal level. There’s no better way to embed yourself in your local community than to recognize events that are important to residents.”

2. Personalize Your Online Store Front Images

When someone in a certain area Googles the name of your business, a picture of your storefront will often show up in the information section of the search page. Make sure that this picture is up-to-date. You can send in your own picture of your storefront if you believe you can do a better job.

People want to be able to recognize a local business when they see it. Providing a good storefront image for your business will allow you to exhibit the local context in which you are situated. Consumers often prefer shopping in areas they are familiar with.

3. Create Local SEO Content

One of the best ways to market yourself online nowadays is to create search engine optimized content. This allows for your content to appear as one of the top results of any Google search related to your niche. It can be a good idea to create different SEO content for the different areas that you operate within.

Research interesting topics that relate to your niche and create informative content that will interest readers. This will give your brand local recognition and it’s an awesome way to help integrate your business into the local community. More consumers than ever seek information online, great content with a local twist can have a huge impact.

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Localize Your Advertising Efforts

While it might seem like extra effort to create local marketing campaigns, it’s actually an extremely cost-effective way to tap into your different market segments.

Ultimate Performance, another local company of personal trainers in Los Angeles, shares, “Customers are getting more skeptical of large, national companies. Establishing yourself as a local brand is a great way to build trust with your prospective customers.”

Get your team together and assess which of the above strategies will work for your business.