Upcoming Web Design Trends We Will See in 2018

2018 is right around the corner, and it’s going to bring some changes, especially in online business. There were notable website design changes in 2017, and we don’t think 2018 will be any different. So following, we are discussing upcoming website design trends we will possibly see.

Web design trends for 2018

Flat Designs

2018 will continue the tradition of clean and simple designs. This optimizes mobile performance. Heavy designs take time to load. Mobile users are ever increasing, and you need to catch up on it. This is no longer an option; it’s a business need.

So, you need a clean and minimalist approach which loads in an instant. It will be beneficial for both your SEO and site value.It helps the site load faster and gets rid of the bad distraction.

Flat doesn’t mean that everything is 2-dimensional. Minimalistic design means better usability. You have to rid the clutter and focus on the important part of your site. Use bright colors, with crisp design elements, make sure there is enough open space for a refreshing look.

Too Much Writing

Contrary to popular belief, too much writing does more harm than good. Too much content on your site makes it hard for your user to navigate your site. Keep your site design, and clean. 2018 will be the year when a word will be worth a thousand pictures.

Written content will do the heavy lifting to allow sites to load faster. Typography is less of a design element because most users don’t care for fonts as long as it is clear, simple, and easy to understand.

To understand the fonts deeper, you need to see despite what the text says. For instance, Gothic font refers to images of Europe including churches, antique languages, and overall history. The text can transport your mind to specified associations.

Modern Typographies exist mostly in logos, and people associate with it. They are fashionable, and edge. These try to associate with a cause or meaning such as femininity, technology, etc. This is why companies spend a fortune on these.

Internet of Things

IoT or Internet of Things connects different machines to the Internet. This includes smart light bulbs that help you to find lost keys. Websites are also going to use such technology,and 2018 will be the year when we are finally going to see IoT interfaces which allow interaction with smart devices.

A smart site will need a complex backend, but a professional developer cannot only achieve that, but he will also manage it within a usable interface.

Wearing VR headset

Virtual Reality

VR is going to be a big thing for the online community in 2018. So you need to make way for it. Moreover, almost every site intro has a VR intro, and you have to step up. Immersive videos are an experience and 360 videos, and modeling technology is getting cheaper.

Yes, you can find a 360 video camera in a $500 smartphone, so no need to break your bank account.

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