How to Use Zeqr to Consult with Guy Kawasaki

Have you ever tried to reach out to an expert in marketing and business, yet failed miserably in your attempt? If so, don’t beat yourself up about it, those truly worth talking to are often far too busy to give up their time to strangers. It takes a lot of time to build a successful business empire, and to be regarded as an expert whose worthy of having their brain picked.

Quite honestly, most successful entrepreneurs like renowned evangelist, Guy Kawasaki just don’t have the time to fly around the country to sit down with up-and-coming entrepreneurs to offer business and marketing advice. That reality has quickly changed with the release of Zeqr, the most revolutionary platform ever in the history of digital education technology.

Guy Kawasaki
photo credit: Wikimedia Commons

What is Zeqr?

With Zeqr, there aren’t any course materials to buy – in most cases. In select classes, a few of the online learning platform’s “Xperts” may request you have certain resources on hand when they sit down with you. Zeqr offers what’s always been missing in online courses; an actual teacher sitting right there in front of you providing instructions and answering questions in real time!

“Real time” is the key element, as all the courses offered on this platform involve either one-on-one, or group video and voice chat sessions with real industry leaders. Leaders who’ve passed Zeqr’s highly selective 100-point inspection to be allowed to teach on the e-learning site. Only 3% of the experts who apply to be a Zeqr “Xpert” meet the company’s standards of excellence.

Zeqr website screenshot

All you do is sign up and search for courses that are offered in your area of interest. You can even request a class if you don’t see what you’re looking for and the Zeqr team will do their level best to find an Xpert who meets that need.

You don’t have to stalk industry professionals like Kawasaki on social media, or know where he’ll be every weekend in an effort to try to get a couple of minutes of face-time with him in a crowded room. With Zeqr you get to choose the expert you want to learn from and pay them (a reasonable fee) for the pleasure! It’s a win-win for all involved.

Schedule a meeting with an expert and you’ll finally have a chance to ask all those questions burning a hole in your brain such as how to break through all the noise on social media to get your brand recognized, or how to grow your local business into a national brand in the next two years.

Zeqr want to put YOU in contact with Guy Kawasaki

Guy is a noted leading expert on social media branding, venture capitalism, and helping to grow businesses like Canva, Apple, and Mercedes-Benz. For a limited time, to show his zest and zeal for this radical new online learning platform, the Hawaiian native is offering a 30-minute video consultation for just five smackaroos! A couple of hours at the movies cost three times that much and when you’re done, you don’t have anything tangible like the expert advice Kawasaki will be offering to take home with you!

The only catch is he’s only offering two of these half-hour slots. First, you’ll have to sign up for a free membership on the Zeqr, then let him know exactly how you believe you’ll benefit from his guidance. The two entrepreneurs who Guy feels would get the most out of a session with him will be selected for the consultation.

Some people might say “Why not just watch Guy Kawasaki videos on YouTube?” You could probably learn lots from what the man has said over the years, but he certainly can’t answer your questions or critique your unique business issues if you want to use that format to learn.

What makes this opportunity so unique?

Meeting a great mentor whose been there and done that used to be a once in a lifetime opportunity – one that many struggling and failed entrepreneurs throughout the years never got. It’s often been said that many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.

What if someone could tell you how close or far you were away from your dreams, and help get you on the faster track to getting there?

Now, with the 600 classes and 450 live Xperts to choose from on Zeqr, and class prices starting at just a few dollars, there’s no need to long for that elusive chance meeting with a seasoned professional who can show you the ropes – the nuances and shortcuts available in your business or profession.

You can also safely ditch all those pre-recorded courses you’ve paid for over the years with limited results. Zeqr and its experts are changing the way we learn, bringing mentors into your home – who won’t charge you a thousand dollars an hour for the privilege of their time!

Guy Kawasaki on Zeqr

Ready, set, go!

If you think you have what it takes to sit down and pick Guy Kawasaki’s brain for thirty minutes, go ahead and watch his video intro and read the course description on his Zeqr page.

If you don’t think you can benefit from Guy’s marketing and business-building wisdom, there are numerous other Xperts across multiple industries ranging from marketing, social media, tech, retail, personal growth, and many others available on Zeqr.

Zeqr is leading the way to a brighter future in comprehensive online learning. Here’s to a brighter tomorrow and a more informed, well educated you!