5 Reasons Your Business Still Needs a Phone

The different ways with which businesses can connect with customers have never been more plentiful. It’s now common practice to set up a live chat on a website, send out promotional emails, and share all kinds of information on social media. But amidst these relatively new communication technologies, the telephone continues to get a hold of our daily lives.

It’s easy to forget the value of actually speaking to someone, but this timeless communication device is something that most businesses can’t afford not to have. That said, here are the top 5 reasons to talk to your customers over the phone.

Retro businesswoman with phone

Address Urgent Problems

When a customer gives you a ring, you can guarantee that the person has an urgent problem or a question for which they need an answer quickly. This can range from a prospective customer asking about the specifications of the product before buying or an existing one needing to clarify a billing issue.

Talking directly over the phone allows you to solve the problem of the caller and identify potential issues that could cause larger problems in the long run.

Expand Your Reach

The basic functions of a phone include accepting and placing calls. But modern phone systems can offer a lot more for your business. For one, it can help expand the reach of your business without setting up a new office in a different location. For example, if you’re targetting the local market in Liverpool, UK, then you can decide to use a Liverpool telephone number even if you don’t have an office in the city, making potential customers think you’re a Liverpudlian business.

Optimize Digital Marketing Campaigns

You may not realize it immediately, but your business telephone can have a serious impact on your digital marketing campaigns.

In the field of local SEO, for instance, it’s necessary to use the same telephone number across all your online properties. The same applies to online business directories. People may no longer be flipping through the pages of a phone book, but they use online directories to look for local businesses. And when they find you, you can bet that they’ll look for a number they can call.


Boost Conversions

Did you know that 47% of online users who don’t see a telephone number in ads will go back to search for a different company? It’s amazing how a phone number can make any business appear more credible and trustworthy. Just like having an office and professionally-designed website, your business phone number can compel prospective customers to choose you over the competition.

Add a Personal Touch to Your Brand

While social media and instant messaging apps have made it so easy to connect with customers, they often lack a human element. This problem is much worse when using emails, where spam and automated messages are the norms. You need to factor in the psychological edge that speaking over the phone provides. It allows you to take a more personal approach when interacting with customers, something that the competition might fail to do.

While many will be quick to dismiss the importance of telephones, you need to evaluate the value they bring to the table. It continues to be the most effective way to solve problems quickly while helping you increase sales in ways that many do not readily understand.