The Benefits of Outsourcing DBS Checks for Recruitment

DBS checks can be a complex question for employers, especially for those that need a quick turnaround. These checks can seriously be a big road block in the HR process and it is something that can plague even the biggest and most experienced employers. Unfortunately, these checks are very important things to do; they are one of the best ways to screen and choose the right candidate.

Outsourcing has become a very convenient solution for employers to look at compared to doing it themselves. Today we will have a look at some of the benefits of outsourcing your DBS checks.

DBS checks

Time saving

Manually applying for DBS checks can take a long time and even up to 4 weeks, by outsourcing you can cut this time down significantly from a few hours to a few business days, which cuts down delays in the employment and HR process, saving a lot of time. Because of this you don’t need to constantly follow up on the status of the application and can have the peace of mind to focus on other HR processes that can lead to better and more efficient hiring practices.

The process of outsourcing is often also done online, which generally takes only a few minutes to do on an online form rather than filling out a paper form and mailing it.

They save money

If you consider the amount of time a HR employee would take to apply for the check manually and follow up, the cost of a DBS check could be extremely expensive, particularly for a candidate that may not get the all clear in the end. This could potentially waste a lot of time and money for an employer and larger companies can stand to lose a lot of money with the frequency and volume in which they hire.

Larger companies can also get bulk discounts for doing a larger number of checks within a certain period of time.

All the results in one place

Because applications are completed online, there is no need to use extra paper and to file the results. You can simply access the results in one place in your account and this is definitely one of the greatest benefits of using outsourced online DBS checks.

Naturally, if there is something missing you can easily access this system at any time to check on the status of any previous checks that have been carried out. This makes for an extremely convenient solution where all the required information is in a safe and secure place. This will also prevent having to do checks more than once or following up on old checks, which can be time consuming.

Hiring a new employee

No contracts

Most companies that offer outsourcing for DBS checks do not have contracts for the checks, so it is possible to do it on a needs basis. This means that you pay per check that you do rather than a predetermined amount. This naturally saves a lot of money and you only pay for what you really need.

DBS checks outsourcing is indeed a cost effective solution for small businesses that have fewer resources and for larger businesses that need to do a number of checks. As we mentioned before, there is of course discounts for larger businesses, which makes the outsourced checks a great idea.