How to Make a Winning Trade Show Exhibit

We’ve all seen them at trade shows: those booths that stand out above the rest. These booths are unmissable with their sleek designs and great themes.

It’s easy to look at amazing booths and simply see the budget behind it. Considering that most businesses rely on a limited budget for design and sufficient floor space for their trade show event, you must learn what it takes to make your trade show booth an absolute winner.

Busy tradeshow floor
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Trade shows are critical to market-oriented businesses and learning how to make a winning trade show exhibit is crucial to connecting to the right market prospects as well as achieving your trade show goals. Here are some tips on how to create a successful trade show exhibit.

Plan Ahead

Before attending a trade show, plan ahead. Determine the appropriate space size and dimensions of your trade show exhibit booth. To maximize your promotional efforts, you need to pick a good location early for your booth by evaluating the trade show floor plan. Areas that you want to avoid include near freight doors, poorly lit corners, dead-end aisles and obstructive columns. Your exhibit booth should be placed near the aisle so as to be able to interact with your clients more efficiently.

Trade show attendees are attracted to outstanding booths so make your booth visible with eye-catching overhead signage. Be aware of the booth regulations, such as height limitations. Take your time selecting, designing and building a custom trade show booth, and take advantage of any early show service discounts. Be sure about the trade show date as well as the move-in date for your exhibit booth.

Ensure Brand Visibility at All Angles

Brand visibility can make or break your trade show display. Corner booths are a great option because attendees can easily see you from multiple locations. While not every business will get the most strategic trade show booth locations, it pays to ensure that your display maximizes the space available to attract as many attendees as possible using the right visuals.

The key is to use more attractive visuals like XL graphics so attendees can spot your branding from a distance. Be sure to keep your graphics simple so that you can achieve maximum impact without being too overwhelming with displays. Incorporate brand personality into your booth design.

Dominate the Event Swag Race

The promotional items you decide to select for your trade show will have a huge impact on your overall ability to create some buzz around your trade show presence and also attract the attention that you want. Simple giveaways like branded pens will have little impact on your promotional efforts. You need to be more creative and unique with your promotional offerings. Otherwise, attendees will have little interest.

Focus on getting some high-quality promotional items that are relatively inexpensive but not too cheap that you can give away to attendees. If you’re opting for big-item giveaways, what you need to aim for is maximum impact. Such items should be given to real prospects, but ensure you’re taking the opportunity to collect contact information for followups after the trade show, before giving out your promotional items.

Fun Activities With Prizes

Imagine two scenarios: one booth having some fun games that are relevant to their industry with a trade show booth giveaway, and another one giving out flyers. Where do you think most people will end up? Trade show attendees are not just interested in new products or services but also an opportunity to engage with brands directly. Fun activities like games, combined with gifts offer the perfect opportunity to attract positive attraction for your booth.

Trade show prizes

Incorporating some element of fun allows you to interact more with potential prospects. Don’t limit yourself to the usual trade show games but rather think of what your trade show prospects would find relevant and amusing to engage in. With the right execution and prize offerings, fun activities like games can easily make you the talk of the town during a trade show event.


If you have a product that can be demoed, it’s time to show its real-time value to trade show prospects. Focus more on the value of your products or tech, instead of the features. If the demo can be hands-on, do it. The more involved the attendees, the better. You should also take advantage of modern technologies like interactive touch screens and digital signage to attract attention and display value.