What Does Better Board Management Software Look Like?

There are many board management software solutions out there and it can be hard deciding what the best investment for your organization is.

Do you need to pay top dollar to get better security and better features? How will the vendor handle training and the transition to the technology? Will the board portal be compatible on all major tablets and operating systems?  These are the questions you should ask vendors during demos, and you should also be keeping an eye out for these solutions.

Using board management software in a meeting

Collaboration Features

Besides instant document sharing, the hallmark of any board management software app is collaboration features. The goal of board management software is to make it easier for directors to collaborate effectively on documents before the meeting.

When directors are informed and prepared, you have more time at the meeting. When directors have already been discussing proposals and budgets before the meeting begins, your board is working effectively. Annotation tools should be useful for both collaboration and personal preparation.

Design and Interface

Board management software should be designed to travel and that means it’s designed for mobile. Be sure that the board management software you buy is fully compatible with the most popular operating systems, including Apple, Android, and Microsoft.

Mobile-first design is essential for tablet use, but when directors work from the office or at home, they also expect a high-quality browser edition. Design in both mobile apps and browser editions should be informed by customer feedback and intuitive.

Among board management software options, Aprio most recently launched an updated browser edition informed by customers and their requests for better navigation.


Not only should boards be discussing cybersecurity within the organization, they should be taking steps to protect the documents in their own hands. No organization that relies on email, Dropbox, or Google Docs to distribute board documents can claim that their documents are protected from cybercrime. Dropbox in particular has recently become known for security breaches, including password hacking that could leave your organization vulnerable to ransomware and cybercrime.

The good news is, superior security in board management software no longer comes at a premium price. Advances in technology mean that board management software like Aprio Boardroom can offer state-of-the-art security at an affordable rate.

Board management software training


The transition to a new technology is a sensitive time for any organization and it helps to buy from a vendor who provides extensive training for directors. One-on-one training for directors is the only way to create a smooth and easy transition to new board management software.

As the technology used in board management software receives updates, so too should your directors. Webinars about updated features and functions help your directors learn what board management software can do as it evolves.


Board management software is designed to facilitate board meetings and assist in your board’s number one objective: good governance. Better document distribution is possible with a board portal. By investing in board portals, you’re investing in the people who provide invaluable oversight for your organization.