How to Incorporate Text into Social Media Images

You have less than a second to make an impact with your business on social media. This means you need to know how to pack a big punch with every image you upload to social media for your business because it makes the difference between viewers and customers. There’s a lot you can do to help brand your business and also communicate your message quickly and effectively, but the best way to do this is through text.

Many new marketers struggle to find the right balance between text and images which can appear unprofessional and unappealing to viewers. Here’s a guide to incorporating text into social media images.

Text usage in social media images

Take a picture of the text in real life!

One of the easiest and most unique ways to incorporate text into your businesses social media images doesn’t involve adding the text on during the editing process. Rather, you take an image of the text presented in a unique way in real life to capture the attention of your viewers. You can write out a message in a fancy script or use one a Versachalk chalkboard to draw viewer’s eyes.

This unique method isn’t used that often on social media, and it can be very effective when done correctly. To make sure the viewer can read your message, keep text to a minimum and use bold lettering.

Be consistent when you use text

One of the most important parts of using text in images on social media is simply to be consistent. Don’t switch your fonts around a lot and don’t experiment too much with text placement. Use the same 2-3 fonts, if possible, and keep track of your spacing and the arrangement of text in the frame. You want all the images to look like the fit together, so be sure to check your past images to make sure your newest one is a good fit.

Include your brand colors when possible

Sometimes you can have a bit of fun with your brand colors. When using brand colors, make sure you’re being consistent. It’s easy to accidentally use the wrong shade of a color when you’re working quickly on social media, but these differences can make your brand identity confusing. When in doubt, use the hex code for your particular color choice. It can also be helpful to create templates to follow for future social media images.

While brand colors can be fun and worthwhile, it’s always more important that your images are legible. If your brand color is bright yellow, but your photo is yellow, your viewers might not be able to read the text in the image. Determine for yourself the best way to incorporate text in your social media images, and don’t be afraid to include a background if needed to keep things legible.

Finally, keep things simple when it comes to text

It’s easy to get overwhelmed as a viewer when you see a lot of text on an image, and that will cause you to keep scrolling to something more appealing. When you’re designing your social media images for your business, keep in mind you have less than a second to make an impact. Too much text is hard to read in a split second, and you should keep things simple to make sure your viewers can actually read your message. Less really is more when it comes to text!

The power of incorporating text into social media images

Businesses are competing for just a few seconds of consumers time on social media, and text can be a powerful tool for communicating quickly. Marketers looking to incorporate text into their social media images for their businesses need to be careful to do so properly so their brand is still recognizable and relatable. The right text used the right way can make a big difference!