6 Misconceptions About Private Jets Debunked by Executives Who Use Them Frequently

Do you know that business owners and executives use private jet charter more than ever before today? Private flights are becoming more accessible as the need to travel for business rises. Relying on commercial airlines alone is not enough, especially when you are a business owner with clients in multiple cities or countries.

While private jets are becoming more popular, there are still a lot of misconceptions surrounding its use and how to gain access to one. We spoke to top executives and business owners whose business trips involve taking private flights to amazing destinations and asked them to debunk the top six misconceptions. Let’s have a look, shall we?

Entrepreneur doing private jet travel

1. You Have to Own One

One of the biggest misconceptions about the use of private jets is that you have to own one to have access to private flights. A few years ago, this was the case for many business owners. To be able to fly in a private jet, businesses and business owners needed to invest a lot of money and buy a private jet.

Some companies even joined forces and co-owned a private airplane. This was done in an attempt to lower the cost of ownership and maintenance. The move made private jet ownership more accessible at the time, but the majority of business executives still have to rely on commercial airlines.

There are also financing options and leasing deals specifically designed to help businesses own their own airplanes. The deals covered more than just the cost of buying the plane, but also the long-term maintenance and running costs.

Today, however, there is no need to own an airplane just to be able to fly at any time. There are private jet rental service providers whose main business is renting out a fleet of luxurious jets to business executives and general travellers. You can have an airplane waiting for you at any airport in the world within a few hours.

In fact, private jet rental now works the same way Uber or other ride-sharing services work. You access a website or an app to make the necessary travel arrangements, and the rest will be handled for you. Yes, it is really that simple.

2. Private Flights Are Expensive

Private jets are luxurious indeed. Many larger companies such as paramount business jets are equipped with a range of amenities to pamper passengers, like in flight spas and parties. However, private jet hire isn’t necessarily expensive, depending on what kind of jet you hire, and how many people you are splitting the price between (there is most likely an hourly rate, rather than cost per person). As mentioned in the previous part, you don’t have to own and run your own airplane to enjoy the luxury amenities.

Compare the private jet rates from different service providers and you will quickly realise how affordable these services really are. Jet charter costs are even lower than the costs of using commercial flights in certain cases. When you travel with your entire team, for example, opting for a private jet is not only more convenient but also more cost-efficient.

There is also the fact that you can save more by becoming a member of the charter company’s loyalty program. The above-mentioned Paramount Business Jets offer up to 60% off of the company’s standard hourly rates to VIP members and frequent flyers. This type of offers makes private flights more affordable, including to small business owners.

Businessman departing on a private jet

3. You Can Fly Anytime You Want

Yes, this is indeed a misconception. One of the main advantages of using a private jet is the ability to depart at any time you like. That said, you still have to notify the jet charter company and give the crew enough time to get to the airport and prepare for your departure. There is also the need for ATC clearance and proper documents.

You can fly anytime you want, but the whole experience of flying on a private jet will be more enjoyable when you arrange your travel itinerary beforehand. The private jet rental company will get your airplane ready an hour before the predetermined departure time. If you finish your meeting early, you can notify the crew and depart earlier. When you have some extra things to do, you also have the ability to delay the departure for some time.

4. You Can Bring as Many Guests as You Like

Keep in mind that most private jets are not designed to carry more than 12 passengers. They are small, light, and agile; they are designed for speed and efficiency rather than high capacity. If you want to travel in a large group, make sure you let the charter company know the number of passengers you are travelling with.

The charter company will then choose a more suitable airplane to accommodate your needs. Certain types of airplanes can carry more than 15 people comfortably. Travelling with a larger group would require special preparations.

The same can be said for the luggage you bring with you. You can’t just carry as many bags as you like because you are flying on a private jet. There are still weight and size limitations to adhere to. Worry not, because the private jet rental company will arrange for your bags to be shipped separately if they are too heavy for the flight.

Business team on a private jet

5. Everything Costs Extra

The drinks available on the airplane, the extra services (i.e. pickup from your hotel), and the additional travel arrangements made for the trip are all part of the luxury experience of flying on a private jet. You don’t have to worry about extra costs when it comes to the in-flight experience. Ask the stewardess to pour you a drink from the (often extensive) menu at any point in the flight.

Even when there are extra charges, they are usually for things that aren’t covered by the main plan. A good charter company always has a clear private jet pricing structure. You can easily understand all of the things included in the rental charge and the extras you can also get to make the trip more enjoyable with one look at the pricing table.

6. You Don’t Need Your Documents

Among the many misconceptions about flying on a private jet, this is perhaps the most commonly found one. No, you cannot travel without proper documents. You still need to have a valid passport when flying internationally. The captain is obliged to check these documents before departing.

However, you don’t need to go through the usual security check at many airports. You either go through a VIP line – which is a lot shorter and more private than the commercial lines – or you can drive all the way up to the airplane for departure. The latter is as convenient as flying gets; there will even be a valet there waiting to park your car.

When entering a new country on a private jet, an immigration form is provided for you. Once again, you have the option to go through a VIP immigration line and save a lot of time, but you still need a valid passport and visa to clear immigration.’


These are the six top misconceptions about traveling by private jet, completely debunked based on the experience of those who travel on a private jet frequently. There is no reason why you can’t enjoy the benefits of flying private the next time you go on a business trip, especially with the private jet rental services available today.