A Strong Importer of Record Makes International Business Possible

For companies looking to branch out and form business relationships outside of the country they operate in, they would benefit from the help of an experienced partner. Global distributions can be very complex, especially when shipping controlled use goods like technologies overseas. Often, they must undergo rigorous screening, and if just a single document is not filled out correctly, it could cause unforeseen and costly delays.

In order to ensure compliant clearance, resellers and other exporting entities that don’t have adequate know-how should take advantage of the services a global importer of record can offer.

Importer of record managing logistics

What does an importer of record do?

Companies like TecEx for example do more than sign off on the goods when they reach a foreign border, they takeover the entire preapproval process. Because they have a point of presence in over 120 countries, they’re aware of each nation’s highly specific import regulations.

1. Prepare certifications and permits

They can apply for all the necessary certifications and permits on behalf of the exporting entity or reseller and even prepare important paperwork like a commercial invoice or freight delivery waybill. Even countries that are difficult to ship to like China or Russia, countries that make securing clearance a nightmare when transporting IT equipment on your own, aren’t a problem for them, and if you need help shipping IT equipment globally they even guarantee clearance within ten days of your quote’s acceptance.

2. Price lock

What’s more is their quotes remain the same regardless if countries choose to alter any rules or laws once the process has begun; you’re charged the landed-cost quote no matter what so there won’t be any unexpected costs once you put your valuable assets in the importer’s hands.

3. Access to due diligence and tracking tools

For those who want to do their due diligence and monitor their shipment until clearance is awarded, they can do so using the company’s online portal where goods can be tracked in real time, and where clients can liaise with their client services representative right up until the package reaches the hands of their business partners.

4. Liaison with various forwarders and couriers

The company’s on-the-ground team also liaises with the reseller’s preferred forwarder or freight service once clearance is achieved, seeing the equipment reaches who it’s supposed to; they also offer their own couriers if their clients would find leaving all work in the hands of the importer helpful or reassuring.

5. managing import tax refunds

Finally, after everything is cleared and delivered, the reseller can expect an import tax back after just six months from 40 of the above countries that have this type of refund is available.

Shipping staff using shipping software


Without the knowledge an Importer of Record can offer, those shipping technologies overseas can potentially run into a great deal of trouble, costing themselves money, clients, and wasted effort. It’s important to consider how far behind a hold-up can put your business, especially when shipping to countries known for taking a notoriously long time to clear IT equipment (like Brazil or Argentina to name a few).

Let someone else take the process over so your company can focus on pursuing revenue-based initiatives and reaching out to clients – the work that you do best.