Warning: Don’t Underestimate Direct Mail Lead Generation

The rise of digital marketing has brought sweeping changes to the B2B lead generation game. Every year, companies pour billions of dollars into digital marketing campaigns, from whitepapers and ebooks to email campaigns. There’s no denying that digital is going to take up increasingly large marketing budgets.

The web is often the go-to place consumers and businesses alike look for products and solutions and it’s the easiest platform for comparing competitors. But it hasn’t even come close to competing with telemarketing and direct mail.

Direct mail lead generation

Digital’s new dominance alone is enough reason for people to raise their eyebrows when they hear that direct mail across sectors accounts $45 billion in the US. That’s a substantial budget investment and companies continue to use direct mail for B2B leads because it works. You don’t have to look any further than response rates to see that direct mail is effective: direct mail has a 4.4% response rate on average. On the other hand, the average response rate for email is only 0.12%.

Innovative Direct Mail

Leading B2B lead companies perform even better. Thanks to innovative and targeted direct mail campaigns, lead generation company like 360 Leads boasts a double-digit response rate for its clients. Every sector and every client has unique marketing needs and a limited budget. They use every kind of direct mail campaign there is, from postcards to bulky mail, even creating personalized mail to attract the interest of key markets.

Don’t Bury the Message

You don’t need to reinvent the wheel with your direct mail campaign, though an innovative idea can make a big difference. If you’re sending a mailer or a postcard, make your value proposition or special offer clear. You don’t have long to get their attention, so make it count. Convince them that your solution fits their business.

Sales lead generation specialist

Hire a Sales Lead Generation Company

What can a sales lead company like 360 Leads do for your company? They get a better ROI from telemarketing and direct mail. If you can’t generate more leads and acquire new customers internally, find someone who can get the response rates you need to drive new sales.

Direct Mail Doesn’t Work Alone

A creative campaign helps, but one of the expert techniques for generating new leads with direct mail is creating synergy with your other marketing channels. Direct mail is a great way to introduce your campaign. It puts your brand on the target’s mind and gives them a clear picture of what your product or solution offers their business. But in most cases, that’s not going to be enough to make them pick up the phone and give you a call. The onus is on you to reach out with a telemarketing campaign and turn brand awareness into a conversation.

Any lead takes multiple contacts before you can convert them into a sale. Engage on a multi-channel level to drive more sales.


If direct mail works for you, don’t let trendsetting marketers tell you direct mail’s time is over. Direct mail is an effective channel that generates better response rates than email. Hire a B2B lead generation company to capitalize on the direct mail advantage.