How to Choose your Lead Generation Tool?

Generating leads is the first step in the customer acquisition process. This crucial operation allows you to extend your market share, increase your sales and strengthen the reputation of your company.

Today, you have many lead generation tools at your disposal, such as Kaspr. To achieve your goal, it is important to make the right choice of tool, taking into account certain important criteria.

Analyzing lead generation

A brief overview of lead generation

Used mainly in the world of B to B marketing, lead generation consists of implementing different marketing strategies aimed at retrieving commercial contacts. It is an essential step for all companies wishing to increase their business opportunities. Your marketing team can use computer programs to detect visitors’ interest in your company’s products or services and collect their contact information.

Lead generation tools allow you to carry out more targeted and efficient digital prospecting. These software programs help you identify qualified prospects, analyze their behavior and convert them into customers.

Identify the needs of your sales representatives

Before deciding which lead generation tool to use, you need to know the real needs of your sales team. To do this, it is essential to involve your marketing and sales teams in your lead generation strategy.

By taking into account the expectations and challenges faced by your sales team, you can choose exactly the right lead generation tool for you. With Kaspr, you will be able to generate qualified leads that will be likely to lead to a purchase.

Analyze the lead management process

You need to identify potential flaws in your lead management process before choosing the best tool to generate new leads. Get help from an external consultant to perform a reliable internal audit. During this evaluation, certain topics should be raised, namely the means used to attract leads and the process of managing these leads until they are converted.

By identifying areas for improvement in the different phases of lead management, the functionalities required for lead generation as well as those that are adapted to your company’s challenges will be easily identified.

Check the functionality of the tool

Choose a lead generation tool that provides you with the features you need to carry out your prospecting campaign. Depending on your company’s needs, choose those that are likely to :

  • create new directories of qualified contacts ;
  • target visitors interested in a product or service;
  • develop a database of email addresses and phone numbers;
  • identify qualified prospects in real time
  • Automate follow-up emails and create sample scenarios based on prospect or customer feedback;
  • have a dashboard to discover the impact of your marketing actions.

Lead generation for attracting leads

Check the flexibility of the lead generation tool

Opt for a lead generation solution that offers flexibility with features and customization options. This B2B sales tool must have the ability to perform different filters allowing you to detect quality leads according to your criteria (company’s sector of activity, business line, buying behavior, etc.). An asset that will simplify the tasks of your sales representatives. It should allow you to obtain the most promising contacts and to find discreet but interesting prospects.

Verify the interoperability of the lead generation tool

This selection criterion is important to ensure that the lead generation tool is compatible with your company’s current business applications. This tool must, for example, be able to easily integrate your new leads into your CRM (Customer Relationship Management). Kaspr offers this possibility. Some solutions are very complete and allow you to track and report in real time.

Choosing an easy-to-use lead generation solution

You need to choose a lead generation solution that can be easily mastered by your marketing and sales team. The use of a new tool must also be part of your company’s digital transformation policy. To this end, it is essential to train your staff in the use of this marketing strategy tool.

In addition, you can take advantage of the service provider’s support to adopt this tool more effectively. The service provider can indeed organize training and give you advice during the first months of using the solution.

Between a free and a paid lead generation tool, which one to choose?

Lead generation solutions in free or open source versions are certainly advantageous on the budget side. However, they are often limited and do not allow you to achieve the expected results. Ideally, you should opt for the more scalable and functional tools that generate paid leads. These paid solutions (with subscription or license) offer better performance, contributing to the success of your marketing strategy. Thanks to this option, you will bring an effective response to the expectations of your prospects, an essential asset to be one step ahead of your competitors.

Before any subscription, Kaspr offers a free trial, allowing you to discover for yourself its effectiveness.

Lead generation tool -

Some suggestions for lead generation tools

By taking into consideration all of the criteria listed above, you can get an idea of the solution you need. Here are a few of these powerful online lead generation tools:

Kaspr is a revolutionary lead generation tool that simplifies the recovery of qualified contacts. This feature gives you the ability to collect email addresses and phone numbers of prospects from their LinkedIn profiles. The collected contact information can be automatically exported to your CRM. In the near future, Kaspr will also be able to create automated scenarios (LinkedIn invitations or messages).


This B2B marketing automation application allows you to implement an inbound marketing strategy automatically. Plezi supports you in producing effective content to generate qualified leads. It allows your marketing team to save significant time while enjoying significant profitability.


Hubspot is a platform for lead generation and conversion. This intuitive tool includes features that can create a website or blog, design call to action buttons and manage social networks. With its help, you can easily generate quality leads.