Key Ways To Get More Leads For Your Business This Year

When you’re running a business, there are always lots of different things to focus on, including product or service development, customer service, human resources, finances and more. But make sure that you’re also committed to increasing the number of leads you get each year too, as without this kind of interest your venture isn’t likely to be in business for long.

Generating leads

By increasing leads, you will have a bigger pool of potential customers to hopefully get a sale from, and your revenue and profits should increase, too. To help you generate more leads for your company in 2019, read on for some ways you can go about getting the attention of the right people.

Target the Correct Clients

It’s vital for you to target the correct clients in the first place. To get more interest from consumers, and therefore more enquiries, you must tailor your content, advertisements, processes and products or services to the types of people who you see as being your ideal customer.

These days, there is real growth in the use of account-based selling in business because by selling wares to particular types of clients, and really understanding these organizations and what they need and want, you can connect in a more comprehensive way and get a whole lot more notice — which can translate into leads and then sales.

Be Clear on What You Offer That Others Can’t

Next, to get more leads you also need to be clear on what it is that you and your business can offer that others can’t. While the world has opened up to entrepreneurs, and it’s possible to sell internationally much more easily and cheaply, this has also led to more competition. To stand out from the competition, you need to have a point of difference.

This unique selling proposition (USP) can occur in any number of ways. It might be based around the products or services you offer, who you offer them to, what your customer service is like, the price point you charge, how and where you advertise or something else entirely. Be sure about what this is, and that people are actually eager to pay for it, and then use this point of difference in your marketing to help generate leads.

content strategy for lead generation

Develop Effective Content

Of course, when it comes to marketing one of the most important factors has to be content. If you want to increase the number of leads you receive this year, then you have to develop effective content that gets the right people’s attention, communicates what you want it to, builds a connection and lives on past the initial publishing date. For website traffic leads in particular, content is now the numero-uno strategy.

There are many different ways of providing engaging content in today’s market. Blogging has been popular for many years and offers a good way to increase search engine rankings and the leads that come through that avenue. Newsletters are also useful, particularly if you often have new products or services to talk about and valuable, helpful information to share with readers. Offers included in newsletters are also typically a good way to get more leads.

Of course, social media is king now, too. No matter which networking site you use, just make sure you post content with good images, videos and/or infographics and which evokes an emotion from people — this might be laughter, empathy, joy, hope or something else. Another content option that works well for many people is webinars. These might be free of charge or have a cost to view. As long as you’re providing something of value with this content, you should increase leads.

Attend Relevant Networking Events

Another beneficial tactic for generating leads is networking. While online marketing is something most entrepreneurs focus their time on because it’s time efficient, make sure you also attend numerous relevant events throughout the year, so you enjoy some real-world, in-person interactions with potential clients.

You might want to attend industry conferences or tradeshows, join business clubs and associations and attend their meetings or go to talks or even run workshops or courses of your own as a means of receiving more referrals and making valuable connections with people who could be interested in your offerings.